Are you excited about the Apple event that is upon us? Well, if you are an Apple fan, you obviously would be thrilled to see what Apple has done with its next piece. With all this excitement in the air and all hopes to see an amazing next-generation iPhone launched on this event, you might want to know what is coming up. In fact, it is not just about the new iPhone but many more things.

So, here is what you can expect to be released during the Apple event:

iPhone 11

Obviously, we can expect to see the iPhone 11 launched during the event. And I bet many of you have also been eagerly waiting for it. In fact, it is said that Apple will be launched 3 successors of the last year’s iPhones. The names would be iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Both the Pro devices would have the same design as last year’s model but with a better camera, a triple camera sensor, a notable bump, and a much-improved video recording. On the contrary, the iPhone 11 is said to have a dual-camera setup along with an enhanced Face ID. This will allow the ID to work even when the phone is lying flat on the table. The performance of the phones would also be much better.

Apple Watch Series 5

Many of you might be using the Apple Watch. But if you have been having a lot of hopes for this device, then you might be disappointed. This year’s Apple watch was prepared to focus on adding new versions of titanium and ceramic along with new straps. Other than that, things might be the same as last year’s.

Apple TV

As per rumours, there might also be the launch of a new Apple TV. But since the last TV was released last year and usually a new TV comes after two years, it should not disappoint you if you just get a TV hardware upgrade and not a new Apple TV. 

The Software


Another thing that we can expect the event to release is a new OS software for the MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Watch lineup. As per rumours, it will be called the MacOS Catalina. This software will have the much-awaited mending of iTunes by splitting the app into three – TV, Podcasts, and Apple Music. 

Other than this, Apple has also released developer betas for iOS 13.1 before iOS 13 was out. So, we can expect to see the release of the Apple iOS 13 gold master version or maybe the iOS 13.1 sometime after the event.  

Services Pivot

Since Apple is growing and succeeding, for a while now they have been focusing to work on the falling revenues. And it is mostly with the pivot to software-oriented services like Apple Pay, iCloud, App Store, and Apple Music. In fact, during March this year, Apple introduced the world to Apple Arcade that has subscription bundles for video, games, and news. 

With this, Apple has found a way to earn being the middleman here. But with competitive rates that are higher than the Apple Arcade rate of $4.99/month (which will be revealed when it is launched in the event), it would be a steal for many. So, we can be ready to be surprised by Apple with such a new during the event.

Continuous Focus on Privacy

With Google and Facebook suffering a lot from data scandals, Apple will be proudly brought up the discussion of how it has always prioritized privacy. So, this topic is something that will surely be talked about at the event.

And with Apple releasing a new version of AirPods every year, you can expect this to be there in the event as well. In addition to this, there might be a cheaper HomePod coming out as well. So, be ready to be stunned at the event and make your life for your next Apple product purchases. 


With all this, be ready to follow the event that starts at 10:00 am PT. We will keep you posted on the news.