Before 25 life is fun, the wrinkles are miles away and your rose-tinted glasses are still intact. It is the time to love, hate and most importantly, date. Everyone is deep into the dating game, learning things the hard way and making mistakes they are likely to regret later. While erring is human, it won’t hurt to heed a bit of advice that stems out of the experience. This isn’t a dating bible, but just a little diary from someone who has been there and done that.

Read on to know NOW, the wisdom that on its own will follow after many years.

Prince charming is not a real thing.

Now is the time to get over the fairytale sagas about the handsome ‘too good to be true’ prince. The amount of ‘prince-ness’ in your guy would be proportional to the level of ‘Cinderella-ness’ in you. So rein in those horses and be open to imperfections (and the regular guy next door).

Differentiate between love and lust.

This is just the age to get carried away and mistake a passionate fling for love. You can blame it on the hormones but try and keep your mind focused enough to distinguish which one it is that you are feeling. As good as the fire may seem in the beginning, it can only burn for a limited time. It’s okay to be enamored by the lust as long as you are clear what you want from the relationship and move ahead accordingly in order to avoid regrets later.

You are still experimenting.

Never ever forget that you are still young and your entire life lies ahead. Date people, be open to experiences and ‘types’ and give that uncertain first date a second chance. You may face rejections but do not let them dampen your spirit or become a reason to sulk. There is a whole new world ahead waiting to be discovered, and life has just begun.

Always respect yourself.

Although this dictum applies to every woman, irrespective of age, it is of greater importance when you are young. These are the formative years of your personality and a crucial time to shape your beliefs about yourself. Just remember that the way people treat you is mostly a reflection of how you treat yourself. If you love and respect yourself people are likely to do the same. Also, this faith in yourself is certain to keep you away from toxic and abusive one-sided relationships.

First dates are not the time to bare it all.

No matter how honest or talkative you are as a person, keep these two elements in check on the first date. The person across the table might be your future husband, an obsessive stalker or even a psychopath! You can’t tell much from one date, right? Take it slow, be honest about who you are but keep the major details to yourself. There will be more dates for that if you two have clicked and if there aren’t then it was all for good!

That’s about it, some pearls of experience that you might benefit from. Cheers to being young and wild!

By Khyati Shah

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