The onset of a new season often brings with it fresh trends to try, especially in the beauty and fashion industry. Winters are all about going new and bold. So as the winter sets in, we bring to you the hottest makeup trends this season. Going by celebrity looks and those from the runways, these looks are just what you need to up your glam quotient this winter.

 Lip Oils

Lip oils moisturize the lips and do a great job of highlighting them. They are very light and hence are perfect for the lips. The skin of the lips is very delicate and needs to be taken care of properly. With lip oils, you can add a luscious look to your whole makeup without going overboard. The reason this trend is raging so much is because of how subtly sexy it is with a sense of freshness.

Dark Lips

When it comes to winter, lips in a dark shade are everyone’s favorite. For most dressers, dark lip colors step in when the summer & spring seasons end. With winter, we’re also stepping into the festive season, and dark shades like wine, plum and burgundy are all a rage. These are the safest and trendiest colors to shop for your lip shade this season.

Nude meet Dark

If balanced out well, mixing up dark and nude shades can look wonderful in the makeup department. So how to balance it? Use the darker shades like red or maroon for the lips and go with nude makeup around your eyes. For example, a simple winged eyeliner is the best way to get this nude look for the eyes. Keep your lips matte, not glossy, since that ruins the effect. If you want to apply some makeup around the eyes anyway, opt for gentle shades like beige and peach.

Smokey Eyes with Glitter

Smoky eyes are not new to the makeup arena. In fact, this is a look that almost every woman aims to perfect, given how sensual it is. But this season, Smokey’s eyes get a twist. Add some glitter to the look! For your base shades for the whole Smokey eye look, opt for grey or black. You can even experiment with blue. Once done, add a metallic touch to your look to sparkle. To get the best effect, apply just a hint of glitter. The lower lash line is a great spot to add the glitter. You can also add it to the inner corner of your eyes. Make sure you don’t overdo the glitter. Add some gloss to your lips to finish this glam look!

Add Coffee to your Makeup

What’s life without coffee, right? The energy adds to your daily life is indisputable. So it’s only fair that coffee tones make a grand comeback into makeup this year. The simplest way to add coffee tones to your makeup is with Smokey’s eyes in brown, a dark chocolate shade of lipstick and a highlighter in bronze. That’s it, you’re set. If you want to do just one part of your face, instead of a full look, opt for eye shadow or lipstick in a coffee shade. For slightly deeper skin tones, this trend is perfect!

Neon Bright

Neon shades are just delightful, and there’s no denying it. So glam up your look with these. A cute tip? Neon eyeliner. For this look, the brighter the shade, the better it looks. Use a neon-bright eyeliner to get a thick winged look. Use a nude lipstick or any other natural shade. You can go with a matte or glossy look, whatever suits you better. If you’re uncomfortable with a neon shade, you can also opt for primary colors like blue, yellow, green, red or coral. Custom React Development Services


As with any makeup, our biggest advice is to not go overboard. Try out a look in private first, to make sure it’s right for you. Remember, no one likes makeup caking up your face. More than anything, don’t remember the most makeup essential: your confidence!