Hormones are one of the most important things for the running of the human body. Various organs of the body secrete hormones, mostly directly into the bloodstream. Hormones are like messengers, carrying messages. Blood takes them to various other organs & tissues, where the message containing their function is passed on. In essence, hormones make your bodywork. From the growth & development of the body to reproductive health & sexual function is controlled by hormones.

Hormones & Women

Starting from the body’s growth to sex lives, pregnancy, childbirth, and menopause, hormones affect how all crucial physical experiences turn out. Sometimes, infants, both boys, and girls tend to experience enlargement of breasts. This is believed to be due to the passing along of estrogen to the infant through the mother’s placenta.

For women, the first full experience of what the hormones do comes at puberty. It is these hormones that cause the development of breasts and the growth of hair in the pubic area and the underarm. The sudden height spurts at puberty and the onset of the menstrual cycle or the period is also thanks to hormones. You see, the female body has these organs from birth. But it is the hormones and the puberty they bring that make these organs active.

From puberty onwards, everything from the body’s growth to a female’s mood is affected by hormones. So watch out for them!


For women, this is undeniably the most important hormone. Estrogen is responsible for the growth and health of the entire female reproductive system, starting from the health of the organs to regulation of the menstrual cycle, fat distribution, and fertility. As important as this hormone is, its overproduction can be just as dangerous.

What causes the over-production: In most cases, the overproduction of estrogen has been attributed to exposure to xenoestrogen, which is an artificial form of the estrogen hormone. This happens through the use of cosmetics, plastics, and pesticides. Sometimes, constipation can also cause overproduction of estrogen. Now to the negative effects of over-production of estrogen. Some cancerous cells are dependent on hormones. Hence, over-production of estrogen can cause breast cancer, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. Apart from cancers, the over-production of estrogen can also cause a cyst, endometriosis, and fibroids.


This hormone is responsible for muscle recovery, daily performance and dealing with stress. So even simple things like doing your daily tasks and getting up in the morning are controlled by this. But as far as cortisol is concerned, the human body only needs for it to be produced in high quantities at certain times. So if high quantities of cortisol are produced constantly, it can affect your system very badly.

What causes the over-production: Over-production of cortisol can usually be attributed to stress. The stress to the body can be mental, physical, environmental, financial or even emotional. Infrequent cortisol spikes are normal and help to deal with such stresses. But continuous cortisol production causes a rise in insulin. Other hormones like testosterone, melatonin, and thyroid tend to decrease. The next time you get stressed, think of this to calm yourself down.


This hormone is also known as the growth hormone-inhibiting hormone (GHIH). As the name suggests, this hormone is responsible for the growth of the body. It affects the neurotransmission and endocrine system, among others. The hormone is produced at some locations in the digestive system and in the hypothalamus. Overproduction of somatostatin can affect the production of other hormones as well as the proper growth of the body.

What causes the over-production: Consuming foods which are high in sugar causes the overproduction of somatostatin, especially if done after a workout. This hormone suppresses thyroid-stimulating hormone, human growth hormone, and gastrin. This affects the body’s ability to build muscle, burn fat & lose weight, also affecting the digestion of food.


The human body is a balancing act. Hormones are an even bigger balancing act since the production and over-production of one affects all others. Make sure you keep the production in check!