The Case Against The Fashion Police

You love reading those snide, snippy articles judging celebrities and what they wear: Yay or Nay?

If you’re like most women today, you probably answered ‘Yay’ (even if you won’t admit it out loud). It’s not our fault. We have all grown up surrounded by people, magazines, movies, shows, and commercials telling us how we should look and what we should wear. If you have ever considered straightening your hair to make it look fashionably flat, or worn high heels to work even though it killed your ankles, you’re a victim of the Fashion Police and their insidious ways.

The charges against these self-serving vigilantes, coercing you into lemming-like conformity, are grave and many. Just have a look.

Charge: Drain on Financial Resources

Ever thrown out a dress because it is “so last-season,” or bought high street jeans that you could ill-afford? You’re not to blame. Brands and the Fashion Police have conspired to convince you that everything else is unworthy.

Fight it:Overthrow these dictators by buying things that give you joy, regardless of what street they come from.

Charge: Waste of Time

Studies conducted by sociologists around the world indicate that women spend upwards of 15 minutes just deciding what to wear every morning. The whole routine adds up to almost a week a year!

Fight it: This is precious time that could be used for bettering your mind and your relationships, or even better, getting more sleep.

Charge: Usage of Valuable Neurons for Unnatural Purposes

Besides wasting brain cells thinking about their own appearance, women squander them analyzing and judging what other women are wearing- the most pointless activity EVER.

Fight it: If women combined the amount of time and mind space occupied by dressing dilemmas and put them to other use, they would have probably solved the energy crisis, cured cancer, or achieved world domination by now.

Charge: Causing Mental Anguish and Emotional Distress

All of us have felt the anguish of having ‘nothing to wear’ at some point or the other. But another less acknowledged source of distress is the anxiety you feel (and in turn, cause) when being judged for your outfit.  

Fight it: We just need to accept that Olympus won’t fall and the world won’t end if we don’t look fabulous one day. It really won’t. Remind yourself of this the next time you feel critical of your appearance or someone else’s.

It is time to start dressing for Yourself. Dress to express yourself, not to impress others. Most people don’t agree on what’s attractive anyway. In some cultures, clothes in bright natural colors are considered beautiful, while in others, anything not pastel is considered garish.

So wear what makes you happy, even if it elicits gasps from fashionistas. The real world isn’t, nor will it ever be, fashion-mag perfect. Your outfit doesn’t have to be either.

By Sweta Vinod

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