The fashion industry has come out as a large contributor to wastage and wrongful utilization of resources. With people’s desire to keep up with the latest trends, it’s a common sight to see clothes being thrown away within a year or two of being bought. Not only does this add to the wastage of resources, but it also adds to the tons of trash that we add to the world every day. These are tons of trash that all nations are currently struggling to dispose of properly.

This is where Sustainable Fashion Enters

For most people, sustainable fashion means using clothes that involve smart and clean environmental choices. These include the likes of ethical sourcing, environment-friendly methods of production and consciousness in distribution. While all of these are an important part of making smart choices and being a part of the sustainable fashion movement, others can be done. And these things are not just good for the environment, they are good for your pocket as well!

But first, a look at some ways to make yourself more sustainable fashion friendly.

  • Rather than walking into a store every time you want a new outfit, head to a local tailor. Have him make something for you on demand. These will fit you better and employ a local person.
  • Make a stop at a local thrift store. You can also look for thrift options online. There are plenty of options, you just need to search. Bonus, vintage outfits are chic and extra glam!
  • Don’t hesitate in renting or leasing your clothes. Why buy a dress you know you’re going to wear just a handful of times but will cost a fortune. Isn’t it easier and cheaper to simply get it on rest or lease?
  • Another cool option to keep your wardrobe fresh while being sustainable is swapping your clothes. Swap with friends or relatives who wear the same size. You can also look for websites online that help you to find other people looking to swap clothes.

Our favorite: RECYCLE and UPCYCLE

You can make anything trendy. With the outreach of the internet, it’s become so much easier to recycle and upcycle your clothes. Websites like YouTube and Pinterest offer a plethora of inspiration and tutorials on reusing and recycling clothes. Want to try this trend? Here are a few ideas!

  1. The next time you come across a pair of jeans or shorts you haven’t worn in a while or are bored of, here’s how you can spice them up for a trendy look. Gather any pearls, beads or patches you have lying around. Simply stitch them onto the garment. Beads and pearls can be sown along the seams of your jeans and patches can be sewn onto the back pockets.
  2. Have a plain top you’re bored of? Get some dye and a bucket of water, and try tie-dye. You can add a variety of colors to your outfit with this trick, ranging from polka dots and stripes to even swirls!
  3. Convert a simple tank top into a trendy crop top by cutting it to a desirable length. For a neat look, just stitch up the bottom. You can also make vertical slits along the bottom for a cute fringed look.
  4. Have clothes that are too dull or full of holes, upcycle them to make rugs. With tutorials, you can make yourself the perfect rug in your favorite color shirt!
  5. Have an old top in jersey or cotton, you can convert it into a grocery bag for everyday use! A simple search will give you hundreds of tutorials, ranging from basic bags to fancy patterns.


The life a cloth doesn’t end when it becomes boring to you. So the next time you’re bored of a top, give it a twist with some DIY tricks. Have jeans that are too tight? Get it altered! Trendy is not just a new wardrobe. Trendy is anything cute and comfortable, whether from a store or your own wardrobe!