If there’s something that never goes out of style, it’s denim. Denim is such an important part of the fashion industry, that a wardrobe feels incomplete without denim. From good old jeans to jackets, skirts, shorts, or even dresses, denim is the one item of clothing that you can never go wrong with. And just to show how much everyone around the world loves denim, recently, the all-denim look has been trending.

While denim looks good with just about anything, there’s always a few styling tricks you can use to take your look from good to FAB. So here are a few tips to turn your everyday denim look into a FAB look.


Denim Skirt

The trick to bailing the denim skirt look is getting the right length. The right length of the clothing always varies from person to person. Yet, one rule that applies to all women is to keep it knee-length or shorter. Too short makes it tacky and too long makes it boring. However, if you prefer a long skirt try an a-line skirt or a flowy one. These look especially good if you’re tall.

Another great way to style a denim skirt is with a belt. Consider wearing a high-waist denim skirt with a belt. You can opt for a broad embellished one or a simple and thin one.


Denim Shorts

Trust us, there’s more to denim than the ordinary pair of jeans. Denim shorts are so adventurous and there’s so much you can do with these. These can be paired up with a plain sleeveless crop top, or with a simple top tucked in. Something collared with sleeves will also look great with denim shorts. Paired with a pair of sneakers, the look is perfect.


Denim Jacket

These are one of the most classic items in denim, second only to regular jeans. A regular denim jacket, one that’s not too heavy or too light can be worn all around the year, no matter what the season. One of the most effortless looks for a denim jacket is to pair it with a simple dress. Small prints, especially floral prints work best with a denim jacket. Another simple look that always wins with a denim jacket is to pair it up with a simple tank top and plain blur or back pants or leggings. A denim jacket also looks great with basic black jeans.


Denim Dungarees

Dungarees can be nice, but dungarees in denim are just fantastic. Dungarees can be styled for a sporty look, for a 90s look and even a chic look. For a sporty look, these can be paired up with a simple top and sneakers. For the 90s look, you can pair up your dungarees with an oversized tee. For a more chic look, dungarees can be paired up with a fitting top or a crop top. Paired with high heels, it can add a sexy edge to the outfit.


Accessories and get the Complete the Look

  • Shoes: If your clothes match with each other, both the top and bottom, then the best way to style it is with nude heel or shoes. You can add footwear in the same color for a monochrome look as well.
  • Accessories: A denim looks great with a little bit of sparkle. So consider adding some sparkly accessories. For earrings, you can also opt for hoops, since those make for an extremely classy combination. Be it earrings, bracelets or neck-pieces, silver should be your go-to color.
  • Handbags: No woman leaves her house with at least a small handbag. Choosing the right handbag for a denim based outfit can be pretty easy. If you’re looking for a big or bulky bag to carry a large number of things, then opt for a leather bag in shades of nude or black. For a smaller bag, you can opt for a simple sling bag. A multi-colored sling bag is great for a casual look.

Styling denim can be super easy and classy. All you need are a few tips and you’re all set!