The Little Black Dress or LBD is the biggest essential for any woman’s closet. From little girls to teenagers and twenty-somethings to elegant ladies, this is the one item of clothing that never fails. Whether you want to go for a casual look or a chic & sexy look, the Little Black Dress gives it all. The best part? It’s extremely easy to style.

The next step is to style it. One of the reasons that women love the Little Black Dress is because of its versatility. From suiting so many different occasions to being perfect on every body shape, this dress can do it all. So here are a few tips to help you style the Little Black Dress and slay.


The Little Black Dress

Black is a universal color, and yet there are many shades, be it sleet, charcoal or ink. Don’t hesitate in experimenting with the many textures of this shade when you choose your LBD.

Fabric is essential. A lot of people tend to overlook the importance of choosing the right fabric. Choosing the right fabric can make the difference between a cozy winter to freezing cold and sweltering heat to breezing summer. So when you choose your LBD, look for a fabric that suits the season.

For women who are on the petite side or have a more rounded body shape, black is always a good choice. This color is flattering in the sense that it slims down the wearer. So to add to the slimming effect, look for something that hugs your body to bring out your shape perfectly. Accentuate to suit your body!



This color really is a wonder. So when it comes to accessorizing, don’t hesitate to experiment. Golden and silver are fail-safes when it comes to an LBD. Add a statement golden necklace if your Little Black Dress has a plain neckline. Alternatively, if it’s a high neckline, try danglers or hoops in shimmering silvers. A completely black dress can be made trendy by adding a statement belt. If your waist is not well defined, this should be your go-to styling trick.


Add some color

A Little Black Dress will look phenomenal if you add some bright shades to it. Accessorize with colors that pop, like neon shades. Neon shades are very much in fashion right now, given how trendy they look. Against the backdrop of a black dress, these colors come out bright and even a single statement item will complete your look. Colors you can experiment with include:

  •         Bright Honey Bee Yellow
  •         Turquoise
  •         Bubblegum Pink
  •         Wine Red
  •         Sea Green

Add these colors in your accessories like a bold neckpiece or some fancy earrings. You can even wear a colorful shrug. Shrugs and cardigans are a practical choice if you’re headed out on a cold night. So, why not make it trendy by adding a popping shade?



When it comes to choosing the perfect makeup with your Little Black Dress, There are two ways you can do it:

  •         Nude it Out: If you’re looking for a more subtle vibe, nude is your best friend. This fail-safe shade if matched with your skin tone can add a sultry touch to your look, leave everyone fawning. Pair it up with smoky eyes or a simple kohl and mascara look. The glam quotient will shoot through the sky.
  •         Go Bold: Go for a bold shaded lipstick. Amp up your lips with a raunchy red or deep wine shade. A bold shade adds a sexiness to the look like you wouldn’t believe. If you’ve added bold color to your outfit with a bag, some jewelry or shoes, make sure the color of your lipstick doesn’t clash with it. That’s it, the night is yours, girl!

 Now that your look is sorted, you’re ready to paint the town your favorite shade of black.