A girls’ night out is the quintessential break you deserve from the routine of boring 9-5 days. It is the time to emerge from your otherwise strict schedule and let loose for a while! Styling for a night out shouldn’t cause you stress or annoyance. It should come easy and help you unwind, recharge, and let your hair down every once in a while! Your youth is to figure out your own style, and they should be spent on experimenting and exploring. Do not be afraid to make a bold style statement. You are a unique person with a personality that is one in a million. Your style should reflect that in a casual and carefree way.

That’s where we come in.

There are some styling essentials that can be made a part of any successful night out. Most of these are super economical and can be found at your local store, or Target. The most essential part of the night still remains to be having some fun with your girl gang!



The little black dress is a classic. It doesn’t mean just a skin-hugging, short piece of cloth to cover your bits but plain black dresses that accentuate a part of your body – a short one accentuates your legs, a joint under your chest accentuates your waist, etc. Pick one that you are comfortable in. You don’t want to spend the night feeling like a German Sausage.


Black and Tan Pumps

Black and tan pumps are essentials because they can be paired with anything – and we mean ANYTHING – you own. They match most colours, and won’t cost you much. Look for shoes that have a platform right at the toes. Break them in by wearing a pair of socks and walking around in the house with them on!


Statement Neck Piece

One beautiful neckpiece is worth a thousand bad ones. Neckpieces can either make or break your outfit, so choose carefully. Let it not be too gaudy. Choose a simple choker if you have a long neck you like to show-off.





Shrugs are the modern women’s capes. They can vary in length and fit, and most shrugs when worn on simple dresses, can elevate the outfit gracefully, and refreshes the look of your old dresses



 A good pair of pantyhose can be the gateway to a stylish evening out on a chilly night! Wear it for rooftop parties


Statement Nude Lipstick


The perfect nude shade for you is the shade of your nipple. This is the shade complements your skin the most to give you that natural-looking glow.


Hoop Earrings

Keep a pair of hoop earrings handy when preparing for a night out. These earrings have the ability to transform an outfit from boring to dazzling in a matter of moments!


Care for Yourself and Have a Fantastic Night!


Styling yourself is not about caking your face. Let your skin breathe and accentuate one part of the face – eyes or lips. Pick one to have a fail-proof method to Aphrodite-like dewy and a fresh look every time you step out!

Once you have styled yourself, remember to put a glass of water and some wet tissues by your bed. When you come back home, you may not have the energy to pursue a skincare routine. Instead, remove your make-up with the tissue, pop an aspirin and get under the covers!