Netflix is not just considered as the best streaming giant ever because they have a lot of content stored. They are considered to be on the top of the pedestal because they have been constantly bringing new concepts and storylines that kind of play with the audience’s mind.

Again, they know have brought in a movie that looks so simple but turns into pure horror, mystery and even full of supernatural moments. The story is based on the legendary author Stephen King’s novel with the same title. Of course, you can expect a lot to happen here.

Just for your information, In The Tall Grass is a movie that will use time travel. Also, in short, you will see a group of people stuck in a small space trying to find their way out while facing an unknown threat to their lives. See, so simple no?

The cast has the legend of horror movies Patrick Wilson (of Conjuring & Insidious fame) and directed by Vincenzo Natali who has put in lots of effort in making this a grand success. If you are looking for a horror movie with time travel, we have just the right thing for you. But even then we will conjure 5 amazing reasons why you must watch In The Tall Grass on Netflix.


The Plot of In The Tall Grass is so simple that it confuses you

Sometimes little can be more than you can handle. This is the same case for ” In The Tall Grass”. Here the story involves a brother and his pregnant sister who are driving hear a child crying from an abnormally large field of grass. Along with few people, they enter inside to look for the kid. In a while, they cannot find a way out themselves and this forms the crux of the story.

What we like about ” In The Tall Grass” is how they’ve used a concept as simple like this and shown so much of horror, time travel, and mysterious situations. It’s not surprising that you will be more worried than ever with each passing scene.


If you’ve read the book, watch it… If you haven’t, then definitely watch it

Stephen King is a phenomenon in itself. Stories from him have not only inspired authors but also given wings to the minds of audiences who can visualize his stories and bring them back to life. There’s so much imagination that he allows that you as an audience will just be struck with awe.

What we like about this movie is how people who haven’t read the book will love each suspense. We personally also felt that readers might be a bit disappointed as they might not get any easter eggs or answers to their doubts.


Oh common…Stephen King

How could this movie even be made possible without the contribution of this man? My answer – Never! With such a powerful story Stephen King has given the audience a lot of happiness. There are so many references to his work that only readers of his books will understand.

What we like about Stephen King in this movie is that his story-telling style for horror is just too good. You are in for a treat when you watch ” In The Tall Grass”.


Patrick Wilson

Over the years, no actor has been impactful in the horror genre than Patrick Wilson himself. Whether he was playing Ed Warren in Conjuring or as a character that knows astral projection in Insidious, he has the right craft to pull off these roles with such ease. Hence when you see him act ” In The Tall Grass” you will love him again as he has delivered an exceptional performance.

What we like about Patrick Wilson is how he understands these movies and gets into the skin of the character.


“In The Tall Grass” also resembles quite a few movies

What’s the point of a horror movie if it isn’t inspired by another story. We feel that there are some stark resemblances with at least 2 movies namely “The Shining” and “Children of the corn”.

What we like about ” In The Tall Grass” is that it’s unique and catches the audience’s attention right from the first scene. Hence if you haven’t watched this movie already, now is the time to check it out on Netflix.