The real estate prices have soared in the last few years but the sizes of the apartments have seen a decline. As per a survey, the average size of a single-family apartment in the United States has gone up by 79 percent in the last four years. Perhaps this is why a big house is considered to be a blessing these days.

If you had to settle for a smaller place, don’t worry as there are tricks to make your rooms appear larger. You can play around with your furniture, lighting, and accessories to create the illusion of a bigger space. The key lies in decluttering your space and having as much open space as possible.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make a small room appear bigger.

Add mirrors

This is perhaps the easiest and the cheapest way to allow more light to reflect within your room. You can place mirrors directly opposite the windows to reflect light or the skyline. If the room is particularly small, you may use mirrors along the entire height of a wall to visually expand its space. Besides being functional, decorative mirrors can also enhance the look of your rooms.

Create a balance with furniture

Several people shy away from buying bigger pieces of furniture thinking it will obstruct space. On the contrary, your room may look more compact with too many smaller items spread randomly. The idea is to use one or two large accent pieces to create a story. Also, avoid pushing your furniture against the walls thinking it would give you more space. Instead, try to place every piece strategically to allow visual continuity.

Build more storage

Let’s face it. The only thing worse than living in a cramped up space is to live in a cluttered house. Try to think of clever ideas to build as much storage as possible. For instance, you can use the space under the stairs to get more storage capacity. Similarly, you can hide your kitchen paraphernalia behind cabinets to give it a cleaner look. If you have high ceilings, you can use the space to make lofts to create more storage space.

Hide unnecessary items

Do you find it difficult to store all your clothes in the closets? Well, it is a problem most people face, given different needs for different seasons. You can solve this problem by hiding your unseasonal clothes in boxes and placing them out of sight. You can either keep them above your closets or under your beds. If it is something that you have outgrown or is out of fashion, you may consider donating and freeing up space in your house. This simple exercise can also help you in detaching from things that don’t matter and focus on the ones that do. The idea is not only to see more space but also live a clutter-free life

Select the right colors for the walls

The colors of the paint or wallpaper can make a huge visual impact. For instance, warm and pastel colors reflect more light and can make the room appear larger. Another idea is to contrast a light room with a darker shade on one wall. You can even paint stripes on the walls to give them more length.

Play with windows

You are blessed if you have large windows in your house. You can use them to your advantage in multiple ways. Firstly open them up to extend the visual space of your house. The fresh air and light entering would be a bonus. Instead of hanging dense curtains, opt for sheer ones to play with the light entering your rooms. Another trick is to buy curtains that hang down from the ceiling to the floor. Let them drop down at least 2-3 inches off the floor.

Take the eyes up

The best trick to make your rooms larger is by using elements that take the eyes up. For instance, try hanging decor accents from the ceiling or artwork high up on the walls. Another trick is to make shelves high up on the walls. It will also give you more storage space to place your knick-knacks.