How does the idea of decorating your office cubicle sound to you? Exciting, right? After all, your office is your second home and you could be spending more hours in your office than in any other place. Decorating your workspace can break the monotony of daily life and may even increase your productivity. This is all the more important for creatives souls who want an outlet for their creativity.

Office spaces come with a number of challenges if you want to design them and add your personal touch. For instance, you can’t paint them or change the furniture. However, there are lots of other ways to spruce up your office space and give it a stylish spin. Let’s looks at some of these ideas.


Several studies have cited the importance of plants in your personal space. Firstly, it can improve your concentration levels and productivity. Secondly, it can improve your mood. These advantages make plants to be the best addition to your desk. You can get several indoor plants that thrive well even without sunlight. You can opt for succulents that require minimal water if you want something extremely low-maintenance. Also, when you step out to shop for a planter, you will notice the range is so wide that you would want to buy them all.

Table Lamp

A cute table lamp can change the look of your office cubicle. You need not go for a big model and cramp up your space. Instead, opt for a smaller one that will look cute and even give lighting to your other decorative items. You can get battery-operated lamps if there are no additional power points to plug in an electric lamp.


They can instantly perk up any space with their beautiful hues. Besides, you can select flowers depending upon your mood and add little pops of colors to your desk. For instance, you can select bright yellow or orange flowers on overcast days so that the gloominess doesn’t get to you.


This small addition is functional apart from being a decorative item. You may tend to sit excruciatingly long hours on your office chair. Especially if there is an urgent delivery. It may leave you working round the clock while sitting in one position. This can take a toll on your back. A cushion can give good support to your lower back and you can relax every once in a while. Secondly, there are so many prints and patterns of cushion covers that it will be fun to change and experiment. You can even match the color of your cushion cover with that of the flowers on your desk. This little tip will make your cubicle an inspiration for your colleagues.


Office spaces are neutral and it may get boring at times. You can select a color scheme like yellow and grey or coral and white to add some character to your office desk. You can buy little knick-knacks in these colors like magnets, figurines, pen stands and stationery to give it a cohesive look.


You can add family pictures or wall art in beautifully carved frames. Pinterest is a great source to find some awesome printed art. The best part is that it won’t cost you much. You can even go in for some quirky word-art if your office is casual and won’t mind such displays.


This little hack can give you some much-needed vertical space for your desk decor. You can hang different accessories to make your office desk more attractive. Secondly, it will serve as a place to hang your essentials like scissors, punching machine and post-it slips.


Organization can become difficult in your limited office desks. You can get beautiful trays in metallic hues to organise your journals and stationery. You can even get trays in exclusive patterns like tribal or geometric prints to add some extra zing.