Being top dog or the boss, as it’s not so affectionately called in business or office circles, comes together with its own set of unique pressures. What’s more, and this may come as a bit of a shock to you, more women have been known to reach the rarified heights of the corporate world more recently. And if you are one of those or have designs on being one, it’s best that we equip you with a few tips on how to be a good woman boss. So let’s get to them, why don’t we.

Weaponize the empathy

Well, maybe that sounds a touch drastic, but use an empathetic spirit to get to know and understand your team and subordinates. Now, it may come naturally to you, or heck, maybe it doesn’t, but do bear in mind that a leader who takes the time and makes an effort to get to know their team, and understand what makes them tick will be better relatable, appreciated, and respected. Now, at once, you feel ‘connected’ with them and can motivate them to achieve your collective goals.

Non-delegation could lead to relegation

Hey, we get it – you’re a bit of a perfectionist, aren’t you? (You hardly get that far up the ladder without a bit of that going on.) However, it’s time to recognize and understand that your core role has indeed changed. Now, most likely, you won’t be able to take it all on, and you’d have to delegate some of the less critical or less critical tasks to your subordinates. Sure, they may not hit the ground running with it, but they are bound to learn and get better. Significantly also, delegation will allow you to give your best to the most important tasks in hand, and ensure that they’re done well – failure to do so could well put you in trouble with your superiors. We can surely do without that, can’t we?

Make time for a mentor

Being made boss, could well make you feel on top of the world, but we’re sure you’ve been reliably informed that ‘learning never stops.’ All of this learning and knowledge need not come solely from book-reading or resources online. Some gems may yet be mined from someone with an experienced head who has been there, done that, and overcome it all. Trust us; this might give you the edge and set you apart from the competition.

Oh! Didn’t see you there

Hone your skills and try, and be as enigmatic as possible. Keep the element of surprise alive – that way, no one will underestimate you or take you for granted. This will require some acumen and a bit of cunning. They should never see you coming!

Right, so there you are, we do hope these tips can help you be the best boss you can be. Also – remember to aim high, and don’t take ‘No’ for an answer! Go out there and reign, we know you can!

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