Whaddya know, we’re at the very brink of the Fourth of July festivities again this year, and not for the first time, you’ve come a cropper in the old dress department. Now, if this is what has got you more than just a little perturbed – put your feet up, for we’re chomping at the bit to help you out with this! So get our Fourth of July outfit ideas into your head, and onto your bod!

Get it right with white

A little white number is just the ticket for the Fourth of July! A white dress, with some blue or red shoes, will make your whole ensemble pop, and ensure that you feel and look the part too. It’s comfortable enough to wear to a friend’s barbeque and is just at home at the fireworks display that is no doubt soon to follow. You can even accentuate with some red or blue rimmed sunglasses for more elements that are on point for the occasion.

Subtle splash

We’re well aware that you want to steer clear of overdoing things and looking a right clown in the process. That’s why flying just below the radar with a nod towards the momentous day may be just the way to go. With this in mind, why not wear an ‘earthy’ toned plaid shirt, and set it off with a denim skirt? This outfit will keep you primed and ready for the barbeque, and just as prepared for the impending fireworks display. Oh, and hang on, do remember to add in a helping of that great all-American sauce with some glam red or blue heels to complete the look.

Beach Babe

If you’re Fourth of July escapade entails a trip down to the seaside, then we cannot recommend a glitzy red, two-piece bikini as your centerpiece enough! Now simply add in some blue elements to complete the ensemble in the form and shape of a large white tote with blue trim, and even some blue sunglasses – surprisingly, you’ve got a good thing going on. Now, don’t forget to chuck in a cover-up for whenever you think you need to erm… cover up, and you’ve cracked it. So go on and be the belle of the beach ball, you know you want to.


Up and a boat!
If a day out into the wide seas (Or is it a lake?) on a boat or yacht is what the day demands, then rise and conquer the occasion with a look that’s made to make waves! For this, layer a delectable one-piece swimsuit in blue or red with wide-leg white pants. The particular holiday element can be represented by some red or blue sandals, and you can even throw in some glitzy sunglasses to get them nautical noggins turning. Now, you won’t look like a fish out of water on the Fourth of July, so get in there and seize the high seas!

Well, well, well, we did assure you that we’ve got you covered right at the start of this piece, and boy did we deliver! So now, stop giving that cheesy star-spangled cowboy hat the come-hither look, and go out there and stun them at any escapade or extravaganza on this day of days!

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