A hectic life takes away a lot from us. When we do not have time to spare for the things we love, life itself starts looking bleak. Books give us new ideas, open up our horizons, and add meaning to our routine. If you have always loved reading but now seldom find the time to do so, or want to add this habit into your routine, this is the article for you.

Keep a book with you at all times

Whether you are into poetry right now or any fiction series, keep that book with you. When you have an alternative to your phone screen right in your bag, you are bound to choose it more and more. There are so many times in the day when we have a few minutes to spare. Choosing to read at that time can really make a difference.

 Read what interests you

When you read, you must read for yourself. No matter what the genre is – let your interest guide you to the book you pick up. A lot of readers tend to shame or ridicule people who are more into fiction or love stories – but do not let that kind of attitude come in the way of enjoying what you love. Though it is important to step outside of our comfort zones every once in a while, we can do so simultaneously as well.

When you read something because your friend shamed you into reading it, or you are feeling left out – it somewhere or the other takes out the joy from reading. So, pick up a book because it interests and excites you – and not someone else.

 Take it easy

Just like writers experience ‘blocks’ sometimes – even readers can experience the same thing too. When we are in such a state, no matter how much of a bookworm we may be, reading a single page can feel like moving a mountain. And if we keep on berating ourselves for not reading fast enough, that is not going to help us in any way either. For a lot of us, reading is difficult. Just because we are not able to rush through pages and still grasp everything, does not mean we should feel bad about it.

That is why, once you start reading a book, just focus on the reading part. Focus on how the book makes you feel – the words, the characters, and the plot. Forget about how many pages you made it through. The very fact that you are able to continue reading what you like is a big accomplishment in itself.

 Read before you go to bed

Reading before you sleep is one of the best ways to get a few pages ahead in the story. After all your chores and tasks have been taken care of, you can sit back and open the book of your choice. Reading at this time is easier that way because you are not going to be preoccupied with things to do. If you have the habit of using your phone before drifting off, this is a great fix for that too. We all know how harmful blue light is for our eyes, and even social media, in general, is not conducive for making us sleepy or prepared for bed.

Try audiobooks and ebooks

If you do not want to spend a lot of books or are looking for eco-friendly options, ebooks and audiobooks are great ways to go about that. Moreover, they are convenient in that you can read or listen to them on your devices. Instead of music in your headphones, just start a new book and feel like you are part of the storyline in a way! These days, audiobooks are being produced with great quality, and listening to the narration adds another dimension to your experience of the book.


Once you decide to start reading, nothing can stop you. Even reading one page a day is great – so just find an excuse to keep coming back to the books you love. The book will complete itself. Keep all the expectations of completing big to-read lists aside, and just lose yourself in the world between the pages.