When it comes to celebrity status and popular culture, you will have to go pretty far to find anyone who’s as publicly adored, inspirational, and talented as the one they call Beyonce! No surname name needed, sistah! Nope. If you’re just a bit puzzled and don’t know what we’re on about, it’s time you crawl out from under that rock, and attempt to re-assimilate with society.

No one simply chances upon this type of status; however, you actually need something about you – and Sasha Fierce has it in spades! That’s why she isn’t a princess, she’s the queen! Here’s why we love her:

Lit on stage

There’s no escaping it and no other place to begin: she’s captivating, alluring, and mellifluously mesmerising on stage! Her high-octane gyrating in heels takes no prisoners, and keeps you coming back for more. She’s an aural and visual treat that will help you discover senses you didn’t know you had – she simply demands your adulation, adoration, and admiration!


Women power

The Spice Girls gave us girl power, but it took women like Beyonce to make us feel like it wasn’t a tale someone conjured out of the machinations of their minds. It’s hard to look beyond her overtly sexualized image and think that, but while the visuals draw you in, the inherent feminist message keeps you there. For proof of this, you’d only have to pay attention to the lyrics of Flawless – which include a speech from Nigerian feminist Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and the fact that she had the word “Feminist” emblazoned across her stage. Now, while each of us can practice and preach this message, we can be glad that someone used their fame and reached to tell us and the wide-eyed kids that they can be inspired, and feel and act empowered.

No pushover

Don’t tell me you haven’t stayed up till the wee hours thinking if you, and indeed all of us, have been programmed by the multi-million corporations – the obvious answer is yes. So why don’t we raise a glass to the girl who stuck it up to some of the most successful and popular ones around, because that’s what Bey did. Some context: Beyonce, despite the groans and the ultimate boycotting by brands such as Target and Amazon, proceeded to release her eponymous album exclusively on iTunes anyway. Since you asked, it got to number one in 104 countries.

At it, and at it some more

Sure, she’s everywhere now and has success coming out of her ears, but it wasn’t handed to her – she had to earn it, and continues to. That’s why despite all that’s gone on above, her underlying enduring message is hard work and graft. Now, if she needed to do it to get where she wanted, each of us should too. Remember – you have as many hours in a day as Beyonce.

With all of this, we’re sure as heck kept you chomping at the bit for some Beyonce action so we won’t keep you from it anymore. Since words can never do it justice, why not go and watch that Superbowl performance for the 879th time.

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