Are you a fan of nature? Well, if you ask me, it is a good idea to have plants in every room of your home, including the bathroom. After all, plants are not just there for giving you oxygen; it cleans the air, boost your mood, and it also adds to the decor as well. So, why not add them to your bathroom just like you would to any other room of your home.

Below shared are a selection of bathroom plants based on the amount of light the bathroom gets:

For Bright Lighted Bathrooms

One of the greatest facts that we need to look into when choosing a plant to add in our bathroom is the amount of light it would receive. In case the bathroom is open and has enough natural light entering it where it is normally very bright, then you should add a light-loving plant to your space. 

Here is a list of plants that you can choose from to put in your bathroom

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you are an experienced plant parent, then the fiddle leaf fig tree is the one for you. It is notoriously finicky, which means that it needs a lot of care. Additionally, due to its beauty, it has been very popular on Instagram. They can easily live in a bathroom with a lot of light and humidity. 

Staghorn Fern

If your bathroom stays highly humid at all times, this cool fern is what you need. It absorbs the humidity with the help of its leaves. They are normally kept on the side of trees to grow. Although, they are happy when they hand in a basket or are mounted to a board.


This is a colorful and fun plant that would love to be a part of your bathroom. All you need to take care of is that the plant is watered through its tank. This is basically the central part of the leaves that acts as a reservoir.


This is another tropical plant that does the work of absorbing the humidity in the air through their leaves. In fact, these plants are very cool that they do not need soil and can be placed without a pot in the air.


A few people use this plant in their shower just because they love damp environments. You too can do it or add them anywhere else in the bathroom. Just that they need indirect light for them to thrive. 


This is a plant anyone can take care of because it tells you exactly what it needs. If the leaves of the heartleaf philodendrons turn brown, they need more water. And if they are yellow, they need less. But if you have pets in the house, this plant isn’t good for you as they are toxic to animals.

For Minimal Lighted Bathrooms

Obviously, not all bathrooms have natural light entering it properly. For such bathrooms, you would need a low-light plant that does not really care about the sunlight. 

Here are the plants you can use in such a bathroom condition:

ZZ Plant

If you are a person who doesn’t know much about gardening, then this plant can live in your bathroom. In fact, this plant can tolerate all the neglect they get. So, put them in some dark corner of your bathroom and leave it. Just ensure that your pets do not eat their leaves as they are toxic for the animals.

Peace Lily

These are just like the ones mentioned above, and you can put them in any corner of your bathroom. Additionally, they let you know that they need water by wilting a bit. So, if you find them fallen down when you come in, give them water and that is it. They will be back up.


Moss is a very famous bathroom plant where many also make bath mats out of it. It soaks all the humidity easily. You can easily design your bathroom with this. Add it to the other plant pots or just on the floor.