So, ever planned to visit Spain? We’re willing to bet that you planned to go to Barcelona. And let’s not forget Seville. But did you think of Mojacar? We bet that’s not one of the places you would her most tourists raving about. You see, most countries have top destinations and must-visits. But the true wonders of a country are actually the hidden jewels, the ones that lesser people know about. So when you travel, explore a hidden jewel to make your trip all that different and more exciting than the usual ones!

Read on, for a list of 5 AMAZING, less-known destinations in Spain.



Looking for the beach and a picturesque old pueblo? Just head to Mojacar and you’re covered. Combined with a collection of beautiful old streets and cute little shops, this location is just perfect. You get crystal clear water, water sports, and even some hiking and golf. Mojacar promises a beautiful view, amazing photographs and a wide array of history, all rolled into a parcel, shaped in the form of the southeast coast and Almeria. On a personal note, Mojacar in itself is so beautiful, that it convinced us to the idea of Heaven on Earth.



A small fishing village, right on the southernmost tip of Spain, one finds that North Africa is right there on the horizon. Tarifa is full of unspoiled beaches, and countryside, that anyone would find beautiful and calming. Located only a 45-minute-long, scenic drive from Gibraltar, it may be found near Cadiz and is a must-visit spot for anyone stopping by Spain. Tarifa deserves a lot of praise but is unjustifiably less known, so do justice to this little slice of heaven and give yourself a gift.



Ever wanted to be the one among the palm trees, on an Island in Spain? Well, Haria offers just that. It is in a Northern Valley out on Lanzarote. It is away from the various resorts so not too many people to ruin your peace either and is amazing for scenic beauty and hiking, along with volcanic caves and tunnels. It boasts of beautiful coastline views and being an authentic traditional village.




If you love cathedrals, amazing architecture, and hanging houses, Cuenca is perfect. It has a perfect view of the expansive Castilla-La Mancha Plains and a serene calmness around it that makes it EPIC. One may find that it is Spain’s capital for abstract art with various galleries and museums dedicated to the same. So if you’re an artist or a creatively challenged person who enjoys art, this is the place for you to head to in Spain. We recommend Cuenca for its aesthetic beauty and just how it calls out to the inner poet.



Although vastly overshadowed by the Santiago de Compestela, our sense tells us Ourense is worth a visit. It is a small city that is graced with cobbled streets that are a-winding, ancient plazas that are simply too beautiful, and happens to be the gateway to the cathedral. For those who wish to take a spa day, there is a historical spa here, that brings history to life. The hot springs present in the region are said to have healing properties and have multiple health benefits. We recommend going to Ourense also for the delicious seafood and fabulous calm.


 Spain has already been known to be an amazing place to visit due to its magnificent history and culture, but with these places to go to, it definitely adds to the glamour and mystique. In all honesty, Spain is one of the best places to plan a vacation. We really recommend it and especially these 5 places of great intrigue. From the rolling hills of Cuenca to the blue waves of Mojacar, you will find wonders that are pleasing to the eye, the soul and the mind. For oneness with the world and a calming, soul-cleansing vacation, follow on to the untrodden path.