Most of the fashion trends fail to die out as they keep revolving around the generations. People tend to draw inspiration from the past ’80s and try to incorporate them into their wardrobe with an innovative touch. While a few of the trends failed to keep up in recent generations, there are many others that have been observed from time to time as they make their comebacks generation after generation.

Let us have a look at some of the most anticipated fashion trends of the past that are likely to make a promising comeback in 2020.


Ripped Denim

Ripped have been quite common in the early ’80s during the Hard Rock era. While even in 90’s and 2000’s it came swinging back into much popularity as a part of the grunge. This cool fashion trend has been known for making a comeback every 5-10 years and never seems to fade away. This fashion makeover of denim is all set to blow your minds back again in 2020.


Wide leg pants

In the past few years, this trend would come and fade away but this season, it is definitely going to make a huge impact in the fashion industry. These roomy pants are the best choice for those who are way too done with skinny pants. You can pull off your look for any occasion by wearing these trendy wide-leg pants, may it be for the office or even a night out. These spacious pants are all set to hit the streets and the runway.


Chocker Necklaces

In the late ’90s, chockers were considered to de facto accouterments and literally, everyone would love wearing them. Chockers are basically close-fitting necklaces that are to be worn around your neck and are available in a variety of materials such as velvet, plastic, latex, metal, leather, etc.  In the 90’s era, almost every pop star would include a chocker in their outfit to bring in the perfect balance of edginess into their look. This sassy accessory is making a huge comeback in 2020 has women are opting to wear them quite often.


Psychedelic Florals

The floral trend in the past has always known to be giving out a classic and feminine touch to your look but in the year 2020 it’s comeback will be followed by slight makeover giving it more of a fresh look. This trend will now add a gaudy and bold touch to your appearance. Due to its timeless elegance, this classic print is all set to take the center stage in the year 2020.


Exaggerated Collars

This trend that was way more popular in the 1960s and 1970s is said to make a major comeback this year. This trend has already shown up to be a crucial part in several runways and this look is already heading towards bringing street style look to an all-new level. These feminine and exaggerated collars come in various styles though this year the long and pointy version is definitely going to take a lead in the most favorite fashion.



Tight bands for hair are already getting replaced with the new ones as scrunchies are already back. The celebrities are already welcoming this past trend making it a win in the fashion industry. Overall such bands help in reducing the breakage of hair and also improves the health of your hair making it all the popular for a better reason.


Round Glasses

This amazing fashion trend dates back to the 1970s due to the large influence of various celebrity artists making use of them. This trend is creeping back slowly through 2019 and now again it is back with a bang. Many famous celebrities are now making this trend as a part of their outfit.


These were some of the best fashion trends of the past that are all set to make a comeback in the year 2020. These trends are all set to prove us wrong and show the world that they are still relevant.