I’ll lose the extra weight and get more fit.

I’ll quit this job to follow my passion.

I’ll stop those shopping sprees.

I’ll keep in touch with my friends.

Every year, when the New Year approaches, a lot of us start drawing up lists of all the things we’re going to do next year. Resolutions that swear, this time, we’ll keep.

So this year, don’t make resolutions for a better job or a fitter body. This year, gift yourself resolutions for better mental health. Trust us, better mental health is the first and most important step in the journey for a happy, successful and meaningful life. Here are a few New Year Resolutions for better mental health.


Let Your Body Rest & Sleep Adequately

A lot of us are sleep deprived If not in the conventional way where we’re dozing off at random because we’ve only slept for 3 hours last night. Rather, in the unconventional way where we’re constantly exhausted because we haven’t been sleeping the healthy 6-9 hours that the human body requires. So, your first New Year Resolution should be shut off the electronics at 10 and stop making coffee runs after 5. All these make it difficult to sleep, folks. Let your mind and body rest.


Pick-up or Revive Hobbies

Now, first, we need to understand that a hobby is something that we do pleasure. So learn to play an instrument to entertain yourself and for your fun. Not so that you can excel at those recitals or impress others. So, pick something that will pleasure yourself and will make you feel good about yourself. Learning something you enjoy and getting better at it gives a boost to your self-confidence that few other things could.


Take a Break from the Internet

We know everyone loves the internet and their smartphones and their laptops. Hell, it’s the easiest way to stay connected and in the know of everything and everyone. When you sit and think about it, the internet and the social media sites that it brings with itself also induce a lot of anxiety and uneasiness in a lot of us. When you’re scrolling through Instagram or Facebook and see your friends or acquaintances doing something you want to, but for some reason, aren’t able to, how does it make you feel? It leads to an automatic comparison of whose life is better. And the moment you start comparing, you’ll land with 5 different reasons for why their life is better.

So, every once in a while, take a break from the internet and social media, to give yourself a better state of mind. A week-long break may not seem feasible for most of us. So a better solution is to designate an hour or two every day where you put away your social media and just focus on yourself.


Get Organized, Use a Planner

For many people, anxiety and mental health problems come from not being able to keep track of everything that needs to be done and not being able to do it in time. A good way to keep yourself organized is with simple to-do lists or with planners. Getting a planner and starting with one can be overwhelming, so consider using a Bullet Journal, a simple and effective method to get yourself organized. You can look up the post on Bullet Journal on this platform to make it easier!


Don’t Hate Yourself

The world is already full of people who will be willing to throw negatives at you. So be nice to yourself, and cut yourself some slack. You don’t have to be perfect all the time. If you make a mistake, let it go and forgive yourself. If you don’t love yourself, no one else ever will. If you don’t love yourself, you will never get happy.


When it comes to better mental health, it doesn’t happen overnight or over a week. Give yourself some time and space. And if you break a resolution, that’s fine, just start again and don’t stop till you get there.