Our room is where we spend so much of our time at home. And thus, wanting to keep it vibrant and full of things we love is only right. If you are tired of the old look of your room and want to try out something more imaginative, this is the list for you. We have collected ten tips to help you turn your room around – in under $100!


Paint your walls

Giving a fresh coat to your walls – either one or all of them instantly adds more life to your room. You can do a new color or simply paint over it. You can also experiment with the textures and patterns too. If you paint the ceiling in the same color as the walls, choose a dark color and keep the bedsheets light.


Use bright pillows and covers

Try to coordinate the color of the walls with the bedspreads and pillows. They do not necessarily have to match. Contrasting and using different tones of the same color is also a great idea. If your room only has dull or sublime colors, bright pillows can make it look brighter immediately. Look for opposite colors as they work very well together – blues and yellows, etc.


Hang a mirror

Mirrors tend to make a room look bigger as they reflect light. You can get a plain square or rectangular mirror. Or, you can also experiment with the shape – like circular, oval, etc. Ornate mirrors are also a great addition to a room as they add a vintage touch too. You can put the mirror above the bed or the dresser as well.


Make the room artsier

From modern paintings to cheesy motivational quotes, find one that suits your taste. You can frame it up and hang above your bed. Your favorite photographs are also a wonderful way to make the decor more personal.


Don’t be afraid of patterns

Patterns – from big stripes to lovely paisleys – are a foolproof way to make your room more interesting and lively. Plain blocks of color – however bright, can make things a bit boring. Add patterns behind the bed with wall posters, frames, etc. You can also get patterned sheets or pillows.


Decorate the dresser

Decorating the different pieces of furniture in the room is also important. You can hang fairy lights over the dresser (or around the bed too). Throw in a vase full of fragrant flowers. If there’s a wooden stool with the dresser, covering it with a small woolen cover over it is a great idea too. Put up family posters or paintings above it.


Cover the floors

Think rugs, carpets, doormats, etc. These things expertly cover the floor that may have inconsistent color or texture. You can incorporate their colors and patterns into the larger scheme of the room. Rugs may be laid out over carpets – if doing so, keep their respective colors in mind. Experiment with cute animal prints and motivational prints for the doormats.


Revamp the windows

You can do a lot with the windows. First of all, hang curtains that are bright and let in more light. Try to hang them a bit higher up – for it draws the eye upwards and makes the room look bigger. Look for window hangings and even tiebacks online or you can DIY too. They can be used to create a more playful environment in the room!


Add some greenery

Plants and flowers are a foolproof way to make your room more interesting. They will add a pop of color while also making the room healthier for you. There are loads of indoor plants you can take your pick from – depending on how much you want to be involved in tending to it, climate, etc. If this is the first time taking care of house plants, start with ones that are beginner-friendly and move up the ladder!


Rearrange your room

This is the simplest tip in this list – and if always works. Playing around with the order of furniture in your room is a great way to make it feel revamped. The cupboard, bed, and desk can be rearranged too. Don’t be afraid to place the bed nearer to the window – throw away the rules and try out what feels best!