If you wish to watch a real-life story about a criminal that was more real than a myth, then you’re on the right page. Netflix brought us a series everyone wished to watch i.e. Narcos that is related to the Colombian drug cartel in the 1980s led by Pablo Escobar along with the Medellin cartel.

The series will show you the rise of Pablo as he makes his way to become the king of Colombia in the world of the drug trade. The show will be narrated by the well-acclaimed actor Boyd Hollbrook and our Game of Thrones favorite Oberyn Martell played by Pedro Pascal.

This series will show the rise and lifetime of Pablo Escobar. But if you aren’t convinced yet, we will give you 5 amazing reasons why watching this series is worth every penny.


Narcos is indeed a true story

We have all at some point in time either heard about Pablo Escobar or seen a meme or maybe a post online. But that’s what he demands. His stature was such that everyone in the world remembers him even till date. Right from spending thousands of dollars on purchasing rubber bands to hold cash and writing off 10% of his money each year due to rats eating it, he’s seen plenty of money.

What we like about Narcos is how they have portrayed the whole story in the most authentic way possible. You will be struck in awe when you read Pablo’s story.


Wagner Moura is the perfect Pablo Escobar

Wagner Moura is a blessing in disguise. When you see him portray the role of Pablo Escobar, he will look very alike. His presence shows the confidence Pablo might have had in his time. Wagner increased his weight, learned Spanish and even moved to Columbia along with his family for a few months to understand the locals and live like them.

What we like about Wagner is his dedication and the fact that he put in so many efforts to bring the authenticity of Pablo Escobar for the world to see.


The background score of Narcos is too good

Any good story gets better with its soundtrack. The same applies to Narcos. Apart from having an amazing plot, they also have received a fantastic music score by none other than the famous Brazilian musician Pedro Bronfman. You will get hooked on to the music and then there will be no turning back.

What we like about the background score is how they’ve found the right guy to bring more power to Narcos. You will love the music for sure.


Pedro Pascal is back y’all

Pedro Pascal is back to entertain us. When he played the epic role of Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones, everyone loved it. He became one of the most loved characters in quite a little time. Here too he has arrived to entertain us in the form of a DEA agent named Javier Pena. Along with his partner played by Boyd Holbrook, they chase Pablo as he rises to become the king of the drug trade!

What we like about this series is their choice of actors. They’re chosen an amazing set of actors who have proven their worth in the acting industry for a long set of time.


There will be actual news footage throughout the series

To bring in more authenticity towards the series, the makers used snippets of actual news footage of Escobar and his exploits from archived news events. Isn’t that crazy? You’ll see a real-life event throughout the series with the news. Escobar was notorious in his ways and hence was always in the news for crime or no crime.

What we like about the makers of Narcos is that they’ve used actual footage to show audiences the whole life of Pablo Escobar and his cartel. The way they’ve acted, directed and showcased this story is commendable to a whole new level.

With this, we leave you no choice but to watch Narcos as soon as possible. It’s available on Netflix with all seasons. Pablo is waiting for you. Will you watch his story or no?