The days preceding a holiday tend to be chaotic. You have to book tickets, plan your itinerary, pack your bags, get all the necessary knick-knacks, and arrange for accommodation. These to-do lists and mental notes often get overwhelming. The calmest people can freak out with the prospect of planning out an entire trip. But here’s the thing- you do not have to do it alone. There are many apps that you can make use of to make these days of preparation less chaotic and more organized.

Though, yes, you do need more than that to successfully complete all the packing and other bookings, having an app can actually help in a lot of things. Some help is better than no help, right? So, let us look at the top apps that travellers like you should install on their phones:


Booking tickets, rooms, and transportation services can be very confusing. For one thing, prices fluctuate a lot. So, there is always a chance of procuring cheaper tickets at a later date. But because we get caught up in other aspects of planning, we may miss out on a price drop or a great deal. With Kayak, you can prevent just that. Kayak tracks all price changes, recommends the best flights, rooms, and car rental services for you. You can set your travel destination on the app and its filters work to show you only the most affordable and quality services available there.

If you are a detail-oriented person, Kayak has many features for you too. It tracks the wait times at airports and gives you flight layover countdowns as well.


Raise your hand if you’ve ever come back from a trip and realized you never used half of the stuff you lugged around there. If you are one of these people, it is time for a change. Travelling light is a great way to make your entire travel experience better. With Packpoint, you can ensure that you carry all that you need – and just that.

This app allows you to enter your destination, the number of days you’ll be staying, and your itinerary. Once you do that, weather, it generates a list of items you need to be carrying. You can further add to or subtract from the list as required. After that, you can share this list with your travel buddies or family members. This way, everyone will know the basic things they need to pack.

XE Currency

Whether or not you are travelling on a budget, tracking your expenses is a must. And if you are in a totally different country, getting a sense of their currency and the value takes time. XE Currency is an app that lets you be aware and informed of how much you are actually spending on the course of a trip. This way, you can plan and manage your expenses way ahead of time. You can convert the currencies with just a few taps. The app keeps updating the rates ever so often. So if you go offline at any point in time, you can just save the last updated rates for easy reference.


Getting around in a new city is often challenging. You may not know the language, the traffic patterns, or the shortcuts. In such situations, sticking to your itinerary and making the best of your trip will be difficult as well.

But if you have Citymapper installed on your phone, you have one less worry. Citymapper tells you all that you need to know to get from A to B in a new city. You can find out the travel times and prices for where you wish to go. If you use Uber, you can even sync the app with it for easier bookings throughout. With Citymapper, travelling around the city will get more convenient and efficient too. You no longer have to worry about missing out on important tourist spots just because of transportation woes.


Having these apps installed on your phone is a must. As a traveller, you can use all the help you can get so that once you are in a new place, you can focus on enjoying the trip and not on planning or bookings.