Beauty and makeup are an essential part of almost every woman. Lives are far busier now than they were in the past and so most of us don’t have the time to pamper our skins. It’s difficult to make time for skin exfoliating scrubs or glowing face packs. When it comes to quick results, nothing beats some good makeup.

So in the article today, we have prepared a list of a few essential makeup and beauty products that you must keep in your beauty kit at all times. These products will help for not just an instant effect but also on a day to day basis.


Many people don’t count sunscreen as a beauty or makeup product, but it is easily one of the most important. But sunscreen is actually a lot more than just a lotion or a beauty product. Sun rays cause tanning of the skin, everyone knows. Another harmful effect of the sun that most people aren’t aware of is that of the UV Rays. Also emitted by the sun, most UV rays get blocked out by the Earth’s ozone layer. But those that manage to penetrate and reach the surface can cause diseases like skin cancer. So when you use proper sunscreen, you prevent not just tanning, but also cancer. Different skin tones require a sunscreen with different amount of SPF, so it’s best to consult with a dermatologist.

Foundation and Concealer

This makeup duo is an absolute essential to hide anything on your skin. Be it blemishes, pigmentation, acne, dark circles or uneven tanning, using the right shade foundation and concealer will help to hide all this perfectly. A lot of women opt for a liquid foundation that can be applied using a beauty blender, but powdered foundation and concealer works just as fine. If you’re looking for a more versatile product in a similar category, you can opt for CC or BB creams. These work for covering up skin imperfections as well as moisturizing your skin. Be sure you buy the right shade!

Mascara and Kohl

For emergency beauty rescues, these two products are ideal. After a long day, if you need to instantly glam your look, one swipe of the mascara wand will do the trick. Mascara is available in varieties, depending on whether you want to add volume to your lashes, thicken them or lengthen them. Kohl is a lesser popular product but works just as well. Applied at the waterline, kohl makes the eyes look bigger and fresher, so it is perfect for those with small eyes. While mascara is conventionally used in shades of black, for a glam look you can opt for electric shades. Similarly, you can also experiment with kohl shades.

Lip Balm and Lipstick

Chapped or dull lips can ruin even the most perfect look. Moisturizing your lips is very important, so the next time you head to the beauty counter, find a lip balm for yourself. Whether tinted or colorless, these are easily available at all drugstores. Lipsticks are also equally important, having the potential to immediately add a natural glow or up your glam quotient. If you prefer a minimalistic look, opt for a nude shade. The best nude shade to match your skin tone is one that matches the color of your lip. If you’re looking for a statement shade, you can’t go wrong with a shade of red; this is a color that suits all skin tones.

 A few tips

  • Always check that the shade matches your skin before you purchase it. A wrong shade will ruin your look.
  • Wash off the makeup before you sleep at night. While using a good face wash is the best way if you tend to get exhausted, keep a few wet tissues on your nightstand.
  • Don’t cake up your face excessively. Only use the required quantity. There is such a thing as too much makeup

Most importantly, let your skin breathe. One day every week should be a no-makeup day. If your pores don’t breathe, it can cause acne and other flare-ups!