“People don’t take trips, trips take people”.

This is one quotation that every travel lover lives by. To be able to see the world and experience new cultures is what some of us live for. For others, the thrill of exploring a new place and seeing something new is too exhilarating to miss.

Isn’t it just heartbreaking to think that your wanderlust might be having a negative impact on the environment?

But fret no more. Here are a few simple tips to make your travels and holidays more eco-friendly!


Take Your Own Cutlery

Disposable plates and single-use plastics are very convenient, yes. But just think about the amount of waste they generate. When you head out for a vacation and stop for a quick bite at a local food stall, the disposable cutlery they provide with you will also contribute to all that waste that’s near impossible to dispose of properly. So the next time you head out, take your cutlery with you. Here are some items you can carry to reduce your footprint:

  • A ceramic cup (tackle those coffee cravings!)
  • A Steel plate for the food (because ceramic ones break so easily!)
  • A steel water bottle (the insulated kind will keep your water at the perfect temperature!)
  • Wooden or steel spoon, fork and a straw (save the turtles, folks!)

For short trips, a great idea can be to carry home-cooked food in your own container. Make sure it’s something that won’t go bad too quickly.


Give the Zero Waste Experience a Shot

The best way to go eco-friendly is by trying to embrace the zero waste life. It seems pretty tough, and the first few days are, but it becomes super easy once you get the hang of it.

From a travel perspective, zero waste is about reducing the waste you produce. When you’re packing, ski the tissues. Instead, carry 2 hand-towels. When one gets dirty, just wash it and use the other one till the first dries! Going to a hotel, skip those tiny bottles that run out in a use or two leaving behind all that plastic, take your own toiletries. Switch to a wooden or bamboo toothbrush and comb.


Embrace the Locality

Going local is the best way to become eco-friendly, even when it comes to travelling. And it is so much easier than it sounds. All you have to do is embrace the locality. For your stay and living, don’t book a hotel. Hotels create a lot of waste. Instead, opt for a hostel. Even better, get a homestay. These are so much more personalized and will help you understand the culture of the place so much better. Similarly, when it comes to food, try the local cuisine. A lot of us like to snack when we travel. Skip the packaged snacks you know and love, instead try local snacks. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favourite! Just think of the delicious local taste and all the plastic you’re avoiding.

The best way to be eco-friendly in your travel is by using public transport. Renting a car is easier, but public transport will cut your carbon footprint significantly.


Bring Back the Trash that can’t be Recycled

It’s difficult to go completely zero waste, and it takes time, especially when you’re doing it for the first time. So a great way to be eco-friendly is by being smart with your trash. Try to recycle it or dropping it at recycling spots. Another alternative is to just carry it with you and bring it back home to either recycle it yourself or to drop at a point you know. This, of course, is more effective when it comes to short travels to close by destinations.


Let’s be smart travellers and save nature, folks!