Who doesn’t love flowers? Not only do they brighten up your living space, but they also add fragrance. So your home doesn’t just look pretty, it will smell heavenly too. With structured and well-styled flower arrangements you can add a splash of color and an abundance of aesthetic to your home.

So here are a few flowers based home décor ideas you can experiment with!

High Table

Decorated with flowers, a high table look very classy wherever you place it. Be it the entrance, the hallway or even an empty corner of your house, just take a vase with fresh flowers. The use of a high table adds a very classy edge to the décor. If placed in a place that gets natural light, you’ll have yourself a beautiful vignette.

By Your Bed

Keeping some bright flowers by your bed can add a whole new level of cheer to your room. Opt for blooms in floral shades or a color matching your linens or curtains. If your sheets are mildly floral, flowers by the bed can make for a great combination. Just make sure the combinations are subtle, not over the top.

Bath & Kitchen

Many people struggle with decorating their bathrooms & kitchen. After all, there’s not much that you can put next to the toilet seat. Wildflowers and ferns are the perfect choices when you want to add color to your kitchen or bathroom. When it comes to the kitchen, a tropical arrangement is one that you can’t go wrong with. Quirky arrangements do the trick for bathrooms.

Dried Bouquets

Recycling is the most important trend for this year, so use this for your bouquets as well! Have a bouquet or individual flowers that are starting to wilt? Dry them carefully and use them to decorate. Just make sure to place a mat or some other cloth or paper in case the dried petals or flowers fall. Alternatively, you can purchase a preserved bouquet. Many flower stores stock them!

Single Buds

While flowers in bloom are a sight of beauty, a single bud has its own unique charm. Perfect for corners, you can use a vase with a thin & long neck. Put a single bud in it and place the vase at a place that gets some soft light. If you feel a single bloom is too little. You can take a small vase and put up to 6 buds in it. The key to acing this décor idea is to not put too many. The subtlety & simplicity is the appeal here.

Pressed Flowers & Leaves

An arrangement of dried plants is called a herbarium, and it is one of the most aesthetic ways to decorate your home. If you’ve got a flower arrangement that’s starting to wilt, just press them using pressure. One they are pressed and have dried completely, you can put them in a glass frame and use it for the décor. Home-made herbariums will need some preservation tricks. This is why most people prefer to just buy them from stores. You can buy beautiful herbariums online as well!

A centerpiece on a Table

As a table centerpiece, there can be no bigger statement décor item than a well-done flower arrangement. Make it quirky and fun to add an edge. For a casual look, keep the arrangement relaxed. For a more formal look, keep them tight.


Soak your flowers in a mixture of water and some sugar to make them last longer. To further help them absorb the water and last longer, cut the stem in an even diagonal stem.

The trick in successfully decorating with flowers is in not overdoing it and placing them well. If your arrangement is a large one, let it be a standalone item. Putting other things around a large flower arrangement will only crowd it. Don’t hesitate to mix up the colors, bring a rainbow in to add more color. As long as the colors don’t clash, you’re good to go. Remember to keep it simple, folks!