Most of us spend our days in a flurry of activity, and the mornings are usually the busiest. So the most typical breakfast options tend to be cereal, health bars, and the likes. So what can you have that is easy to make, won’t take a lot of time, and will give you enough nutrition and energy to keep you going all day long.

Enter, breakfast smoothies. Most regular smoothies tend to be packed with sugar and fattening dairy products. Breakfast smoothies, on the other hand, are a category of these that are healthier and less fattening. Here are a few smoothies for you to try!

Peaches, Oatmeal and Greek Yoghurt Smoothie

This smoothie is packed with proteins. Oatmeal has been discovered as a good means for battling cholesterol and so it’s definitely an ingredient worth including in your smoothies. For this smoothie, take 1 cup of sliced peaches and Greek yogurt each. Put these in a blender and add ¼ cup oatmeal and 1 cup almond milk. You can also add a ¼ teaspoon vanilla essence to give it some extra flavor. Just blend together and your smoothie is ready!

Berry, Apple, and Banana Smoothie

This smoothie is a perfect combination of the delicious berries we all love and bananas and apples which so nutritious. Be sure to get your daily requirement of antioxidants and vitamin C. The best part? This smoothie boosts your metabolism and helps to keep your weight under control! All you need is 1 medium-sized banana and apple each sliced. Also take ½ cup of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries each. Once you’ve added them all in the blender, pour a cup of almond milk and then blend. You’re all set!

Orange and Greek Yoghurt Smoothie

This smoothie should be your go-to for a strong intake of vitamin C. The other ingredients in this recipe help to boost the metabolism, so you can wave the extra kilos goodbye. Just take a blender and add 1 peeled orange to it along with 1 teaspoon of honey and vanilla essence each. The next step is to add ¼ of Greek Yoghurt and Almond Milk each. An optional addition to the recipe is some ice. Just whirl them together till they’re blended properly. Your smoothie is ready!

Spinach and Berry Smoothie

If you’re looking for the healthiest option, green smoothies are the best option. There’s nothing better than spinach. It is a great source of potassium and calcium and keeps your metabolism going. Clearly, the makers of Popeye were on to something! If you’re worried about the taste, don’t worry, the berries will completely cover it up. Just take 2 cups of washed and sliced spinach in a blender and add ½ cup each of strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to it. Next, add a cup full of water. You can also add some ice. If not, just blend it and your metabolism-boosting nutritious smoothie is ready!

Carrot, Orange and Greek Yoghurt Smoothie

Another simple smoothie, this is also a great source of vitamins and will definitely be delicious. Take ¼ cup Greek Yoghurt in a blender and add ½ a sliced banana to it. Into the mixture add ½ each of sliced oranges and carrots. Finally, add ½ cup of water and blend the ingredients together. Your smoothie is ready!


Tips for making a smoothie

The best part about smoothies is that you can mix them up as per your taste. Here are a few tips to make your perfect smoothie.

  • The perfect smoothie is either yogurt-based or nut-based. Greek Yoghurt is the best option for a yogurt-based smoothie. For a nut-based smoothie, you can leave the nuts to soak for a few hours and peel them before adding.
  • The key to balance in the taste is a 1:2 ration. 1 vegetable and 2 fruits. This will keep your smoothie healthy as well as yummy.
  • A safe option for fruit in your smoothie is banana. It is sweet as well as nutritious, not overdoing on other ends!