Why? It seems like a no-brainer when you think about it! Besides, you don’t need us to tell you that your relationship with your partner is firmly founded and established on love, and the only way to keep the spark alive and flame burning bright is to make him fall in love with you. All over again!

Now, you know what, you’re the only one (with a bit of help from him) that can do just that. So here’s to you going on a love rekindling mission – here’s how to get the job done!


There’s always a moment or a series of moments that have played a significant and special role in your love story. Chances are, he, and indeed you have lost touch with these. Now, why don’t you seize the opportunity to take him on a sentimental journey? Go through old photo albums together, watch that special flick, or even head to a holiday spot or restaurant that’s pivotal to your relationship. Do take care to do it subtly, and your love dart will hit the mark!

Dress it up

The longer a relationship goes on, the more comfortable, relaxed and complacent you tend to be as regards how you dress up around him. Hey, it’s only natural! Don’t beat yourself about it; we’re sure he’s just the same too. While this is symptomatic of how comfortable each of you is in your skin, it does verge on being unsexy, dowdy and frumpy. Instead, surprise him now and again by dressing up, maybe one or two wardrobe additions will do the trick. Dress up for him, and only him, and don’t be too shy to let him know about it. Now, let’s see how long he can keep his hands off of you!

Thrill seeker

The bedroom is another place where things might have turned oh so mechanical and dreary. So, take the opportunity to spice it up! Take control, of proceedings – that will shake things up. You could also break out of your routine – the surprise element is the key. A new place, a new room or simply role-playing could be just what you need – ask him what he wants, and deliver! There’s nothing quite like physical impetus to reconnect mentally and emotionally.

You’re right to fight

If things have gone stale, and if you are a bit irked and peeved with each others presence, do everything you can to stop the rot immediately. Then, go further and fight for your relationship. Recognise what you love about him and remind him what he loves about you. If words or conversations won’t do the trick, maybe there’s something else you can try to get lovey-dovey again. If you are impassioned, fierce and fiery about it, we’re sure your intense and spirited effort will lead him back to the road to love, and he will reciprocate this sentiment a hundred-fold.

Every fairytale needs a bit of fairy dust every now and again, and sometimes, you know for sure that you could live happily ever after if you’re still in love with him, and he with you!

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