A lot of us try to make our lives more eco-friendly. From buying local to being energy efficient at homes and from reducing wastage at homes to using homemade products, a lot of us constantly look for more ways to save the environment. While being environmentally conscious in our homes and personal lives is a great move, an equally important move is to do so at our offices and workplaces.

Be it small businesses or high powered corporate offices, there are a few things that they have all in common: bins overflowing with waste and single-use plastics and printers running through rims of paper worth thousands of trees every day. Bringing these changes to offices and workplaces is the next big step in the fight to save the environment.

Here are simple tricks that can be adopted by any office, be it small or big.


Bring Your Cup

Try the Bring Your Cup policy. Most offices provide coffee or tea, often with machines. Most offices cater to water for their employees. All of these are often consumed in single-use cups. On a regular workday, every person would have water a few times and some refreshments at least once. NOW, picture the waste your office must be generating.

The quickest solution is to encourage people to bring their mugs for tea & coffee and use bottles or glasses from home to store the water rather than the use and throw kind.


Use Eco-Friendly Stationery

Offices are the largest users of stationery. So why not use the eco-friendly kind? The market is full of such options now.

  • The easiest way to do so is by switching to recycled paper wherever possible.
  • Some companies manufacture pens, pencils and other such items made from wood, bamboo, etc. Consider shifting to those instead of the regular plastic ones.
  • The latest development in the world of paper is seed paper. These are papers made from seeds, so when the paper makes contact with soil and water, it grows a plant! Many offices around the world have shifted to using these for business cards.
  • There also seed pens and pencils. A pen or pencil made with wood, these contain seeds at the other end. So when you’ve run out of ink or if the pencil gets too short to write with, all you have to do it plant them in soil and water them to grow yourself a plant!


Add a Touch of Green to Your Office

Many studies have found that having plants in the offices, doesn’t just liven up the place, it improves the mood. And better moods translate to higher productivity. You can opt for colorful and ornamental plants if the regular ones don’t appeal to your colleagues.

Another great planting option to try is plants that help to purify the air. For indoor areas such as big conference rooms and offices that have lesser windows, consider bringing in some of these:

  • Bamboo Palm
  • Mass Cane
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Spider Plant
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Peace Lily
  • Dragon Tree
  • Pot Mum


Go Solar

Discuss with your office authorities about installing solar panels. Many governments around the world offer subsidies on the installation of solar panels. This is one of the greatest ways to go green since fossil fuels as an energy source continues to be the biggest obstacle for the environment.


Green Commuting

Encourage the employees to be environmentally sound for commuting work. Those living close by can be encouraged to walk or use a bike. For a group of employees living close by to each other, they can be encouraged to carpool. Carpooling and the use of public transport are not just good for nature, but good for the bank balance too!


Now more than ever is a need for everyone to shift to eco-friendly measures in all aspects of life. The world is at a crisis point. The only way to stop it? Make changes in your life.