Interviews are daunting, and no one can deny that. The stress of impressing the interviewer, showing that you are right fit can be enormous. Everything needs to be perfect so that you can nail the interview and be a boss lady. Surely, worrying about what to wear or how to style your outfit is not something you want to spend a lot of your time on.

So we decided to help you reduce your interview stress with these fail-safe style tips. When you finish reading this article, you will know which things from your wardrobe will make you impressive& professional and show your inner boss lady!

Things You Can’t Go Wrong With

  • Suits: Whether a traditional skirted suit or a pantsuit, suits are an outfit you can’t go wrong with when it comes to interviews. In fact, unless you’ve been told otherwise, just pick the best suit you have and go with it. Until recently, pantsuit was considered too masculine and was, hence, a big fashion don’t for an interview, but that’s not true anymore.
  • Find Out Industry Standards: A lot of places tend to directly or indirectly be affected by industry standards. For example, many legal offices prefer simpler shades of black, white and gray. So before you go for an interview, it’s best to look at what the industry standards are, and see how strictly the office you are going to sticks to them.
  • Visual Resume: We put a lot of thought into what we wear to an interview because your resume is not limited to just the document you hand over. You see, it is easy to get something on a document but for it to be of actual value, your interviewer must see that you are capable. So dress in a manner that shows you are competent for the position. A fashionista attire will not help for a corporate position, and the same stands true vice-versa.
  • Fitting: While loosely fitted clothes may look great for a casual evening and bodycon dresses look perfect for parties, with an interview, always wear clothes that are fitted elegantly. Wearing clothes fit the shape of your body without being vulgar show a sense of responsibility and competence, two qualities you should always emulate in an interview.
  • Redesign & Reuse: Contrary to popular belief, a job interview doesn’t always mean you have to go shopping. You can always budget better by getting your clothes tailored and altered. Get an old skirt that doesn’t fit you altered so that you can use it. Have a shirt that’s ton at the collar? Have your tailor add a few ruffles. Look at what’s trending and alter your clothes so that you look professional and chic at the same time!

Fail-safe clothes for an Interview

Here are some additions you can make to your wardrobe. These additions are not just pocket-friendly, but they are multi-purpose. Be stylish during the interview and afterward at the office once you nail the position!

  • Blazer: This is one item of professional clothing that you absolutely must possess. A blazer can be chic as well as trendy depending on how you style it. You can wear it with a button-down shirt, a dress or even a simple blouse.
  • Button Down Blouses: These are another versatile addition to a wardrobe and will look impeccable in an interview. The safest options are always black, navy, white or pale pink, but styled well, other shades can look classy too. Check your neckline to ensure that your bra is hidden and you’re not showing too much cleavage. These can go against you in an interview. You can pair a blouse with a skirt or pants.
  • Black Dress and Tights: If you’re interviewing for a relatively casual workplace, a simple little black dress is a timeless option. Opt for a skirt that goes to your knee. However, avoid sleeveless designs since they can be too informal.

Remember to respect boundaries and be communicate well. With the right outfit, that’s all you need to shine!