Let’s discuss vampires and romance, shall we? Vampire Diaries is not just your average vampire show with a hint of romance. This series over the years has been a trendsetter. The actors, the plot and even the twists have ensured this series stays on top of the charts and remains in the trending list of Netflix.

The story revolves around a town, Mystic Falls which has many creatures apart from humans. There’s love, there are blood and lots of blood! Before we could go ahead and give you spoilers (we won’t… Promise), we have created a list of 5 wonderful reasons why you must watch Vampire Diaries quickly on Netflix.


Vampire Diaries is full of romance and steamy sex!

Well, we aren’t spoiling anything for you but heads up; Vampire Diaries is all about love, romance, and steamy sex! Some scenes will awaken the romantic side within you and also get you swooning! Ladies will go nuts for the main leads and how they’ll showcase their love with gestures, kisses and much more.

What we like about the series is how they’ve created a beautiful story that doesn’t give the wrong message or looks like soft porn. It’s quite mature and hence must be watched as soon as possible!


Caroline Forbes is a force to reckon with

One character that comes out as a powerhouse is Caroline Forbes. She’s a good friend, a beauty queen, intense, demanding, a leader and a lot more. In short, she’s there when you need her and in her presence, nothing can go wrong with you. She has anger but also is empathetic. It’s quite a lot for anyone to take in and hence she’s often termed as a powerhouse.

What we like about her character is how they’ve shown her character to be like a superhuman not when it comes to her physical strength but simply due to her superior mental strength.


Nina Dobrev will burst out each emotion in you

Often in a series, there will be a character that has gone through a lot in life and has witnessed enough life-altering events. Nina Dobrev plays such a role in Vampire Diaries. There’s so much grief in her life that when she’s sad, you’ll be sad and when she cries, you will cry too!

What we like about Nina Dobrev in the series is how she tries to be brave in each situation even though she’s breaking within! It’s quite saddening to see her in such situations.


Lots and lots of backstories

Well, we know vampires have stayed for hundreds of years so of course, you will see many vampires in different eras and costumes too. Each time you see a new situation, be prepared to be taken into flashbacks with backstories of certain characters. The past helps shape the future and it’s such a beautiful sight for the audience to see.

What we like about Vampire Diaries is that each back story & flashback will bring sense in the storyline. In short, you won’t find illogical events taking place in this series.


Twists and Turns are part of Vampire Diaries

If you’re expecting a straight storyline then be prepared for multiple shocks as Vampire Diaries is full of twists and turns. We must give credit to their writers that will kill you in suspense almost in every episode. There’s so much you will expect and at that very moment, the story will change hands.

What we like about the writers in Vampire Diaries is how they have crafted such a beautiful plot with multiple twists and turns. Just when you think you will see a happy ending, they’ll slice the happiness out of you and vice versa! Hence if you haven’t seen this series already, we suggest you do it on Netflix where it’s available on the Trending list!