If you’re a short girl, you have been called cute and adorable. You’ll often be teased for your height, and your guy friends will definitely take a dig every now and then. No, there’s nothing wrong with being a short girl. It’s only natural to want to look a couple of inches taller, right? So why let genetics hold you back?

How you style your outfits can actually make you look taller. If you don’t believe us, just google Scarlett Johansson or Victoria Beckham’s height. Here are a few styling tips to make yourself look taller. 

Go Monochrome

If you haven’t already tried the monochrome trend, here’s a reason to give it a shot. When you wear the same colour from head to toe, you look taller, and there’s a simple reason behind it. The flow of the colour doesn’t break. When your body isn’t broken into two segments thanks to multiple colours, it makes you look longer. So pick a colour that suits you and paint the town with it, or, at least your body.

High Waist

For short girls, especially the thin ones, the high waist is the right waistline choice. This creates an illusion, making the middle portion of your body look longer. To make the maximum use of this styling tip, try clothes with a long hemline. The next time you go dress shopping, pick up a midi that clinches your waist. If you’re looking at skirts, go for a high waist pencil skirt. The length will make you look taller and define your waist!


Nude Footwear

This shade will literally never go out of fashion. And short people should make full use of this fashion opportunity. They add length to your legs if you wear them right. Nude as a colour is the closest you can get to your skin tone. So why not wear something which just adds the illusion of length. Throw out some of your old withering shoes and go get a pair of nude ones. While heels will be an obvious choice, don’t hesitate in branching out. 

Crop Tops

The crop tops are totally in fashion right now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere. Pair a cute crop top with a pair of high waist pants, and watch yourself look a couple of inches taller. Just one word of caution: don’t show too much stomach. Too much skin will draw attention to your abdomen and can even make you look sleazy. Keep it simple to keep it tall.

Small Bags

We know you want to carry all your essentials with you, but start ditching your over-sized bags. Get hold of those clutches and box bags. When the things you carry are small, you automatically look taller.

Short Ankle-Boots

When you’re buying boots, your heart makes a beeline for the long ones. The next time, tell your heart to keep quiet and let your brain take over. Head over to where they keep the ankle boots. Remember the logic we used for monochrome? Now apply that here. Knee-length boots do the same to your legs, they cut them into smaller sections. 

It’s extremely important to wear clothes that are tailored to your size. In the age of retail, most people opt to head to superstores and malls to find the latest fashion. If the clothes are large on you, they make you look small, which is the opposite of what you want. Trust us and find yourself a good tailor to make clothes as per your size. An added benefit is that you can customize your clothes to suit your personal style.