At the beginning of a relationship, when love is blooming everything feels special. But once you have been through the routine of firsts – first date, first kiss, first trip out of town – you feel like you have exhausted all the passion from the relationship! You may feel the spark dwindling away, or you may notice that you have slipped into a rut that just does not end! You could notice that your partner seems aloof, or a little unloved.

We are here to tell you that it is alright to go through a lull in your relationship and that everyone has experienced this once in their lives.

The fact that you have accepted that the spark may have temporarily flown the coop is progress enough. Now you can work on the relationship by starting right at the bottom, and make your way to the top!

Little Things to Do to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Write them Notes 

There is nothing better than finding a small love-note in the most unexpected of places. This small act can leave your partner smiling for hours after they see it! If you are heading out of town, leave a note or two under their pillow, or in the fridge. Expressing how much you value them in your own handwriting is a sure way to rekindle the spark!

Sign up for a Hobby Together

The truth is couples who have hobbies together, stay together. Sign yourself and your partner up for some fun activities such as pottery, dance lessons, cooking, or painting class in a free slot on your schedules. These activities could increase your phone-free interactions. If you both do well at the activity, your partner will associate this sense of achievement with you, and voila! You are free to romance them again.

Work-Out with them 

Working out releases oxytocin and serotonin, which in essence, are happy hormones. Working-out together in a gym, or going cycling in the park show that you are taking some time out to be with your partner. You both end up working up a sweat, some positive motivation to get fitter, and a lovely post-work-out cheat date!

Pick up a Good Book for them 

Is your partner a fan of some popular author? If they are avid readers or bibliophiles, you can pick up a wonderful book to surprise them with when you get back from work. It will light up their faces, and they are bound to think of you each time they pick it up to read. Write the date you bought the book and a short message to them on the first page to really pull at those heartstrings.

Make a Playlist

Remember when making a mixtape was the thing to do for your boyfriend or girlfriend? You can make a thoughtful playlist on Spotify, or any music platform documenting all the songs that you have memories made to! If you can’t think of any such songs, you can make a playlist of love songs that remind you of them.

Bring them Flowers

Pick up a bunch of flowers on your way home, or early in the morning before your partner wakes up. If you can make the investment, purchase a vase, and make a subscription purchase to have flowers delivered them every day!

Put Your Gadgets Down

Have a conversation that doesn’t end with both of you picking up your phones to swipe through Instagram. Spend some quality time together sans technology, and you’ll be surprised at what happens. Even comfortable silence can be perfect with the right person.

Pick up their Favourite Food

If your partner has been feeling down and out, pick up their favorite food from a restaurant they like, and put on their favorite movie. Most likely, they will question the special treatment, and reciprocate soon! Show them that you care about their preferences.

In the end, what matters is that every moment you spend together is special and meaningful.