Hermagic Ladies, these are the red flags

you can NOT miss on dating apps

Finding a date or searching for a soulmate has never been easier than it is today. And with one swipe on that magical screen, you might just have landed your fairy tale ending, with no hassles of evil stepmothers and glass slippers. But wait, fairy tales aside, these apps can be app-solutely harrowing, no thanks to the creeps out there. 

So we spoke to women who are trying their luck on these dating apps to share some red flags that women out there cannot afford to miss and even some lessons in etiquette for men out there. 

Too much too soon

Unless you are dying of a fatal disease, asking for phone numbers within minutes of the match is a big no-no. A 24-year-old ad professional shares, “If the question of exchanging phone numbers arises within 24 hours after the match, I immediately unmatch. Even if we forget about having men understand how insecure we feel in the world that we live in today, it clearly shows that this person is not interested in getting to know you. This kind of urgency gives me the heebie-jeebies.” 

Getting straight to the “booty call”

Yes, we all love sex. And yes, some women are out there for some good ol’ no strings attached flings. But some restraint and some respect go a long way. A 29-year-old artist elaborates, “Yes, I am on a dating app, but that doesn’t mean that I am an animal. I’d still expect a “Hi” at the least. If the first message is about a booty call, forget about it. He is either too desperate or too narcissistic even to be worth your while.” 

Double crossers alert!

Yes, there are creeps who are on the prowl looking for excitement while being a relationship. “Although this one is tricky to figure out, there are some sure-shot signs. Their bios usually read something along the lines of “Just here to make friends.” like seriously, you are on a dating app to make friends? Other variations include “I am here to show you a good time”  or “I am here to meet interesting people, and I would love to take you out for a drink.” Some upload half of their mugshots or blurry pictures. If you see these signs, run woman, run,” says a 31-year-old marketing professional.

A picture speaks a thousand words

It isn’t entirely wrong to be judgemental of the photos, say many women. “I have seen so many profiles with photos that have no faces. Some have weird captions for their photos of their backs or something that reads, ‘Don’t judge by the picture.’ Some take the absurdity to another level with photos of celebrities or models. Group photos again are a big tool for catfishing. So I don’t hesitate to judge a book by its cover, not at all,” says a 23-year-old university student.

Stories don’t add up

Most women have now mastered the art of investigation on these dating apps. One of them is a news presenter who says, “I always always check the mutual connections and kind of take out time to chat with the mutual friends to find out a little bit about the guy. I ask for the person’s last name, just so that I can do a bit of stalking on social media as well. You can also verify things like universities or places of work to know you are talking to an honest man and not some joker out there.” 

Well, as fortunate as we are to live in the world where love is literally at our fingertips, maybe just a little bit of homework and caution can go a long way, eh ladies?

By Samyuktha K

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