Frozen was a path-breaking animated movie. When it released back in 2013, it became the highest-grossing animated movie of all time and also the first animated movie to cross the 1 billion $ mark in box office collections. They ruled until July 2019 until Lion King dethroned Frozen and became the highest-grossing animated movie!

The storyline of Frozen connected well with the audience plainly because more adults went to watch this and connected with the main leads Elsa and Anna! 6 years later, Frozen came back with its second installment and there’s joy all over the world regarding this movie. Do you want to know if Frozen 2 is worth the hype? Then let us decode this for you with some amazing logical reasoning.


The characters have evolved

The release time between Frozen 1 & 2 is 6 years. They haven’t shown that much of a difference in age here. But what you can see is a cast that has evolved with time. Olaf the snowman created by Elsa is not just a snowman who is trying to learn about everything. Now, he knows a lot of things and as an inquisitive child, you will see him asking questions to anyone.

What we like about the evolved cast is that you can see more maturity in Elsa and Anna. There’s more responsibility that can be seen and hence a good step in showing strength for female characters.


Having “Self-doubts” is okay

Throughout the movie, Elsa will be shown as the queen that doesn’t know what she wants in life. Does Elsa want to be queen? Does Elsa want to unlock her full strength or if Elsa wants to deep dive into the unknown and see what she can find? She keeps doubting herself and often thinks that she doesn’t know what she wants.

What we like about Frozen 2 is that they’ve shown a real-life problem where people in the world self-doubt on each stage of their lives. They lead a life that they don’t like and often wonder what they want from their life! It’s a great feeling to see animated movies with such storylines.


The level of Maturity

You will see Anna, Kristoff and at some point, even Olaf shows a level of maturity which is a great stance taken by the movie makers. They have shown what responsibility and priority is. Kids can see this and understand that work, studies, and responsibilities are important.

What we like about Frozen 2 is how they’ve beautifully shown all characters exhibit a level of maturity whether it’s a human being or an animal too!


There is a Back story for Anna & Elsa this time

Who doesn’t like a back story? The best part about Frozen 2 is that there’s a back story associated with the childhood of Elsa and Anna! They finally will understand what happened to their parents and also what holds the key to Elsa’s power! The story itself becomes interesting after this back story.

What we like about Frozen 2 is that they’ve taken the story to new heights and you can only imagine the amount of efforts put in by the team behind the scenes. We commend the writers that weaved such a beautiful back story and let us see the cute faces of Elsa and Anna!


Frozen 2 is better than Frozen 1

Yes, we can so easily say so! It’s rare to find movies today that are better than their predecessors. Movies like Godfather and Dark Knight to name a few had sequels that were better than the first part. Since then it’s a rare feat for a movie to be better than the previous version.

What we like about Frozen 2 is that it has a better storyline than Frozen 1. There’s a high level of maturity, more humor, love and friendship and also a beautiful ending. Kids or adults, you’ll love the movie more than you did 6 years back for Frozen 1.


Have you watched both versions of Frozen? Do you intend to watch the 2nd part? Kindly comment below and share your thoughts with us!