You are blessed if you have a backyard. Not only is it a precious place for your kids to play, but it is also the perfect space to throw summer parties. It doesn’t matter if it is small or big. You can always use the extra space to make your house more inviting. There are several DIYs and landscaping ideas to transform your backyard and turn it into heaven. Let’s look at some of these easily implementable backyard concepts and designs.


Outdoor living room

If space allows, you can think of turning your backyard into an outdoor living room. It won’t pinch your wallet as you can get a few chairs and a table to set up the arrangement. As seen here, the chairs have multi-colored cushions that lend it a quirky style. A wooden bench and a patio lounger not only add extra seating space but complete this outside living room. Who wouldn’t like to have some quality time with friends in this beautiful backyard? Imagine soaking in the sun over a couple of beers along with fun tales and banter with your friends. You can even add some fairy lights to add a romantic touch for the evenings.


Garden chairs and table

If you do not want to go overboard with an outdoor living room, you can think about a simpler arrangement as shown in this picture. Just a table with two chairs is perfect to have a cozy time with your partner over breakfast or high-tea. I particularly like the bright colors in this setting that are working like a charm.


Use cushions and throws


What is not to like in this picture, right? You can opt for an outdoor shed for a comfortable and intimate place. You can complete the shed with comfy chairs and benches. The best thing about a shed is that you can sit here and enjoy the rains over a cuppa. You can add cushions and throws to add a homey vibe to the place. I particularly like the idea of adding lanterns for a more rustic appeal.


A Vertical garden

If you do not have too much space for landscaping, you can always explore the idea of a vertical garden. You can either grow flowers or herbs in this arrangement. If you do want to spend too much, you can pick a shoe holder and use the pockets to grow your herbs. If you are good at carpentry, you can even turn a ladder into a vertical garden. The options are plenty if you have the will to do it. Besides, there is a certain charm in picking herbs from your own garden and adding them to your dishes.


Make it multi-purpose

Don’t worry if your backyard is small in size and doesn’t have enough space for a separate garden and a seating area. As seen in this picture, you can club everything into a small space and make it multi-purpose. You can use hanging plants and pots if there is not enough space for a full-blown garden. I also like the blend of colors and textures of the wallpaper and cushions that are adding a distinct appeal to this small patio.


Add curtains and fairy lights

This is for the romantic ones out there. With this gorgeous seating area in your backyard, you would never feel like stepping outside to spend quality time with your partner. It is the curtains and the fairy lights that are adding a sensual twist to this otherwise breath-taking patio arrangement, You can think of similar ideas to deck up your smaller backyard. The key is to use lots of flowers, cushions, and candles to have a cafe-like setting at home.


Alternative garden

If space is a constraint, you can utilize your discarded items such as a bathtub or a fountain to make an alternative garden. This is also eco-friendly as instead of discarding anything, you are recycling your old items to build something beautiful. You can also get wooden crates or a mailbox to put your plants in.



Several people around the globe are converting their homes into glasshouses. You can build a glasshouse in your backyard to grow your own vegetables and fruits. It is an interesting way of living but will require some serious commitment.