There is so much happening in the world right now. And even in our daily lives, the causes for worry, stress, fear, and restlessness are more than what we can carry. When we go about life with all these things weighing us down day after day, the wear and tear of our soul, mind, and body are bound to become more and more visible.

From not being able to concentrate on a task for long enough, having trouble falling asleep, having an unsettled mind, to bad body posture – yoga can be used as a solution for all these issues and more. And that is exactly why yoga is more than just a routine. It is a lifestyle and is an ultimate way to improve our life at various stages and through many aspects.

Why go on this quest for harmony?

When we are in sync with all the different aspects of our being, things are bound to get easier. If all your devices are not synced – there will be confusion, chaos, and it will lead to instability in their optimum functioning.

Generate a culture of self-awareness

We are able to look at ourselves and understand why we do things the way do, and why we feel the way we do. This profound and innate understanding leads to us being more at peace with ourselves. Whatever inner conflicts we may have harbored come to fade away.

Because we have this self-understanding and self-awareness, we are also able to improve our relationships with others, and ourselves. We establish interactions that bring us joy and are kinder and gentler.

Appreciate the complexity of life

Through yoga as a lifestyle, we begin to look at life and its proceedings as more than just our work, weekends, etc. We are able to appreciate and comprehend the complexity of life, and from there begins our journey to understand it better.

As we do so, we feel more in control of our life and our emotions – but at the same time, we grow out of our fear of the grey areas, of uncertainties, and ambiguities. This helps us lead life at the moment, and be present to the best of our abilities every day.

Find joy in little things

Another huge way in which Yoga helps us in creating harmony within ourselves is that it lets us appreciate the little things in life. When we are able to do that, we allow happiness to come to us easily – we let go of the barriers we may have built between good things and our life.

Suggested Yoga Poses

Now that you are all pumped up to experience the many delights and benefits that come with yoga, here are the poses that you should definitely start with.

But before that, you must know that yoga can only help you yield these results if you practice it on a daily basis. Even ten minutes of full concentration each day can help you do that. Other than that, if you are practising it in the morning – as is usually recommended – do so on an empty stomach. Do not push it back for after a heavy breakfast. So, let’s get started with the poses!

Downward dog

Even if you are just starting to engage in yoga, you have probably heard of this one – it is that popular.

The Downward dog pose is quite easy to settle into. As you do it, make sure you let go of the tension in your body. Focus on relaxing yourself all over. This pose helps you in stretching out the back, legs, and arms.

2. Warrior Pose

The warrior pose is also quite a common one. Beginners are recommended to take this one slowly – and if the tension in your legs builds up too much, feel free to adjust your legs accordingly.

3. The Thunderbolt

Keep your body relaxed, and zone out of the world around you. Focus on your breathing throughout this pose.


When our mind, body, and soul are able to work seamlessly when what we do and think translate to and from how we feel, our internal and external quality of life increases with no bounds. Achieve all of this and more with yoga!