“Saw” a series that began in 2004 was director James Wan’s directorial debut. The movie was such a hit that for the next 6 years, we saw SAW 2 to SAW 7 release and make fans go crazy! Recently the 8th part released in 2017 and was titled “Jigsaw”.

Perhaps considered as the end of this epic series, people around the world still look at this as a gore movie with a lot of blood and flesh spilling. While it’s not completely wrong, there’s still another way of seeing these movies which is a brilliant mystery based story. Here are some reasons why we think Saw is more mystery than gore! (**SPOILER FREE**)

The Plot

For those who have never watched this movie ever, “Saw” is a series where a group of people is drugged, kidnapped and wake up in an abandoned location (mostly old warehouses). They’ll be chained, tied or stuck to something. A tape plays with a distorted voice asking them to play a game with tasks in return of keeping them alive.

What we liked about the plot is the mystery behind why only a specific group has been chosen. If they’ve done something wrong, why give them a chance to redeem their lives instead of killing them? You will understand all these questions as the movie progresses and will get used to it once you reach Saw 2 or 3!

The mascot

The Jigsaw doll often will be seen throughout all the movies. Often termed as the conveyer of messages, you will see this doll cycling with a tape stuck on it or a TV screen like a puppet mimicking the dialogue of the Jigsaw killer.

What we liked about the mascot is how funny and at the same time scary it looks. At any point in time whenever the puppet will visit, you must look for clues as the game keeps changing and hence gives this series a lot of twists and turns.

Tobin Bell a.k.a the “Jigsaw Killer”

The main character in the entire series is Tobin Bell a.k.a the “Jigsaw killer”. You will see a character that’s old and still has the knowledge and guts to pull off such madness. His mindset, his thoughts, and his understanding are what give the Jigsaw Killer a smart killer mindset.

What we like about the character is the mind of a person who assumes the identity of the judge, jury, and executioner. The way he speaks shares his thoughts and also sets up tasks that are just out of the world. Some of them will make you go “Wow, how he planned this task!!”

This scene from the 1st movie

For those who have watched this will agree that this scene from the first movie is perhaps the greatest in all of the movies (except the climax ones, of course!). The majority of the first movie will be based on this very scene. It gets difficult to understand what’s happening and why are the people suffering until the end.

What we like is that no matter what, this scene is why people got hooked on to the “Saw” series and went gaga over the “Jigsaw Killer”. This very scene is shot so smartly and given such an amazing climax that you want to watch the remaining parts as well.


We agree that “Saw” does bring a lot more “gore” in a few of the installments. Yes, it can be a turn off for many movie watchers. But we request you to watch these movies in line and remember each character. Their stories, their deeds will make more sense as the movie progresses.

Watch this movie for its story and mystery and not just for the bloody scenes. Give it a chance. We are sure they won’t disappoint. Is there something we missed out in this post? Have you already watched the “Saw” series? What do you think about them? Comment below with your thoughts!