Vikings is not a show to be missed in today’s time. We say this with absolute confidence as no show has been able to dominate TV screens post 2013 along with another epic drama “Game of Thrones” (G.O.T).

But are they the same? More similar and must we say more unique than G.O.T. The story in gist revolves around the central character Ragnar Lothbrok who’s a full-time farmer & also a true Viking warrior. He wishes to raid & explore distant unknown shores in the ocean.

Game of Thrones was a concept that gave life to pre-medieval times and even an age where men fought to stake their claim to the throne. The folks of the 21st century loved it with all their heart. Now that it has ended, the focus has shifted to Vikings because of their beautiful storyline and the shooting in Ireland to bring in authenticity in the display.

Hence for every living soul on Mother Earth, we will give you 5 strong reasons why you must watch one of the best drama shows to grace our television screens i.e. Vikings.


Do you know anything about the Vikings?

What do you know about the Vikings? As per history, the picture shown to the world is about barbaric people who would only rape, kill and raid shores. Often regarded as bearded lunatics, people today have quite a biased thinking towards Vikings. The creator of this epic series “Michael Hirst” has given us a broadened version of Vikings and their style of living.

What we like about this series is how the makers have shown the Viking’s democracy styled thinking and their attitude towards women. It’s quite a refreshing take on Vikings and can be like a history lesson for some who don’t know anything about them.


Since 2013, Vikings has always been in the list of Top series

It was in the year 2013 that Vikings began and since then, it has maintained over 90% critics rating in Rotten tomatoes, over 8.5+ score on IMDB and more than 10 EMMY nominations. But it’s not just these awards and ratings that make this series amazing. It is also a beautiful combination of fierce battles, solid plot writing and some fabulous performances by each actor that has contributed to this series.

What we like about the Vikings is how they have managed to keep all their fans across the globe happy and satisfied with their performances. They manage to get better with each year and we hope they continue to do so.


Lagertha is an inspiration for every woman that dreams to be independent

One of the central characters in Vikings is Lagertha who’s the living embodiment of an independent woman. She’s one of the fiercest characters in this series whose character development just gets better with each season. She’s a mother that loves her child a lot and on the other hand, also cannot be happy with the patriarchy in her community.

What we like about Lagertha is that no one could play her role better than Katheryn Winnick. Not only does she perform amazingly in the series but she also in real life is as badass a woman can be.


Vikings have some of the best fight scenes

There are very few shows or movies that can boast about their fight scenes. Movies like Lord of the Rings had one of the best fight scenes. Today, in 2019 we cannot think of any other series apart from Game of Thrones that had epic battles. Vikings have battles that look more realistic and do get your adrenaline high.

What we like about Vikings and their makers is how they’ve displayed the fight scenes. It has been shot amazingly well and you’ll feel like you’re right there on the field fighting the battle yourself.


Ragnar and Vikings are an addictive combination

One of the best combinations we have ever seen in any series is of Ragnar and Vikings. The way his character develops right from the first season to the fifth is mesmerizing. Ragnar’s relationship with his sons is one of the best transformations that you’ll ever see.

What we like about this series, in a nutshell, is how they have portrayed a whole culture and community and showcased their life for all of us to witness. Hence if you haven’t watched it yet, please do so now!