Oktoberfest is popular all over the world. Today, we wish to tell you the truth about this century-old event. As per history, Oktoberfest is a 209-year-old event. It brings over $1 billion in tourism money for Germany. Apart from this, there are millions of gallons of beer that people consume throughout for this 2-week event.

From what we know, on average this festival attracts more than 6 million visitors for the past 10 years at least. These visitors consume millions of liters of beer and would eat everything from sausages to giant pretzels! Here are some amazing truths and information which you must know before you visit the Oktoberfest!

Every year Oktoberfest will start somewhere at the end of September and will end within the second week of October. This year’s dates are Saturday, September 21 – Sunday, October 9.

It is believed that in the 18th century, this festival began in the form of a 5-day wedding party. The folks danced, sang, ate and drank. They were merry and it was a good time. At the end of this party, it then got decided that this should take place at least once a year.

For those who are completely new to this, Oktoberfest is held in Germany. Within the country, it is held in “Wiesn” a historic place that is very close to the center of Munich. All you need to do is take a tram ride and you’ll reach the iconic Oktoberfest.

As per locals, the general timing to visit Oktoberfest is anytime between 10 am to 10.30 pm! This time is fit for weekdays when the crowd is lesser than the weekends. For the 2 day weekend period, the timings last from 9 am to 9 pm! But mind you, expect a lot of crowd which will include many locals and tourists.

There are traditional outfits decided for both; men and women. For men it is Lederhosen and for women it is Dirndl. But these are not compulsory. However, you can always make the effort and try blending in with the locals. They surely will appreciate it! You can get the outfits from several places near to the fest.

As it is believed, the first Oktoberfest in the 18th century had begun in a single tent. Now, the structure is all the same but some tents can hold up to 10,000 visitors.

You will find beer served from local breweries within Munich. There are many types of beer i.e. Augustiner, Paulaner and Spaten. Beers will be served here in one-liter glasses. The pricing here is cheaper than the usual rates and hence it’s a good reason to visit for a beer lover.

As per what popular sources tell you, Oktoberfest is much more than Beer. Multiple attractions that are created for families and visitors to have an amazing time. For those who want to play mini-games like rifle shooting for gifts and even have candy floss, this is the place to visit.

We suggest a few things you can follow like planning your visit, downloading a dedicated app made for Oktoberfest and always remember to not upset the security or any waiters in the event. Also, do not take the normal transport routes to the event as it will be packed.

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