As great as it is to be in a relationship, it can be equally hard to be in a long-distance one. You may get lonely at times and yearn for a warm hug from your partner. Moreover, working out your schedules to video-call each other or planning your weekends to make a meeting possible can take its toll.

If you can work out these differences, a long-distance relationship can also be the sweetest time. You may start valuing little things like holding hands and look forward to seeing that lovely face in person. Planning just a weekend together can give you the thrills and passion of first love.

Of course, you can do a few things to keep your long-distance relationship afloat.


Set your boundaries

Before you move apart or begin your long-distance relationship, it may help to discuss where you stand. It may help to understand if you are being exclusive or are open to the idea of dating others. You may also want to discuss your insecurities so that the other person doesn’t end up unintentionally hurting you. This conversation will help in setting realistic boundaries and expectations.

Similarly, keep your social media in check. Don’t post something that you won’t like the person to post.



In this age of social media, you can really get creative with how you communicate. Send audio clips, video messages, and texts. Tell even the mundane things to your partner so that the communication line is open and free. It may also help to set a daily routine to call each other if you two can. The most important thing is to share your innermost feelings with your partner. If you are feeling low or are upset about something, pour your heart out. You will feel more connected this way.

However, it is easy to cross the line of over communication and become clingy. Instead of communicating for several hours a day, look for the quality of it. Some people feel suffocated when there is forced communication. It is best to discuss what is right for the two of you.


Do things together

With technology by your side, you guys can still do things together. For instance, you can log into skype and have a meal together. Or else, you can start watching a youtube video or a Netflix movie at the same time. Despite the distance, you will feel more connected this way.  Although it’s not the same as going to the movies together, something is better than nothing, right? If you are into books, read a book together or listen to an audio clip. It will give you common topics to talk about.


Send gifts

Of course, the best gift would be to plan a surprise visit. However, if that is not possible, send gifts to your partner. It could be something that your boyfriend needs or something personal. For instance, send a framed picture of you two or your keychain. These things will remind your partner of you during lonely times. You can even write hand-written letters or cards. They carry an old-world charm that remains unbeatable to this day.


Have an end goal in mind

Being in a long-distance relationship can get to anyone. The best thing is to know what the future holds for you two. Make sure that the distance is only temporary and there is something to look forward to. You may want to discuss your life goals as the charm of new love may fade away soon. There has to be a mutual understanding of being together in the future. Or else, one of you may be in for a miserable heartbreak.


Enjoy your me-time

Lastly, use your time in doing things that you like or meet people you love. Visit your friends and family whenever you are feeling low or lonely. Pick up a hobby to occupy your mind and time.