Nowadays, the existence of social media has put a lot of pressure on you to have the perfect vacation. Some people feel like it is not enough just to travel to an amazing location and have the best experience. You feel like they need to give proof that you are having a good time. While doing this you often tend to stress out and not ruin the moment. 

Going on vacations with that mindset expecting to have a spontaneous and great time can be less than perfect for you. As you can get sunburns, running stomachs and other issues. Not worrying about the plan can free you up and gives you the opportunity to make up for missed opportunities. Even the most sorted out plan for a vacation can have its ups and downs. Do not let the bad moments ruin the good ones. 

Travelling can help you to open up as a person for the best. Do not try to control the environment around to suit your comfortability. Instead, leave an open mind and keep a good attitude towards everything. This will help you have a great time and enjoy yourself to the best. It’s just like yoga, the poses are uncomfortable but, if you sit through it long enough you won’t even notice it. Yogic principles can be applied to your trip to make it a great experience. Try taking these ideals when you travel next time with you.

Take A Deep Breath & Follow The Flow

Things have a tendency to go wrong. The most rigorous planned trip could have some defects and not go according to plan. The key is to embrace it, be okay with all the twists and turns. The new direction may bring something better for you that you wouldn’t have experienced if it didn’t turn. Be a little loose even though it is easier said than done. But that moment that you are present in won’t come again.

Be Open-Minded & Respect the Places and People you Visit

The morals vows of a yogi which is the first limb of yoga, to take in respect to how they interact with the outside world. Some of these vows include truthfulness, non-violence, non-stealing, non-greed and the right use of energy. These principles could be applied during your trip. How you treat travelers around you, locals and staff/workers. This may seem like basic ethics but, people don’t follow them. This also includes how you treat your surroundings. Do not litter and ruin nature at the vacation. Dispose of waste at appropriate places. 

Be Present

This is a bit hard since you are constantly wondering what’s next! Compose your thoughts, just live in the moment and enjoy yourself. If you find yourself rushing, take a step back and slow down. You have time to take it slowly since you are on a vacation. Live in the moment and try to experience each and every one of them. Organize yourself, do not rush to check off your task list. Take it slowly and easily and everything will go smoothly to commemorate the best moments. 

Respect What your Body Needs

Just because you are on a vacation it does not mean that you will drink uncontrollably. Be cautious when you consume certain things. Be aware of your limit and stay within it at all times. Failing to do so can ruin your vacation with headaches, upset stomach, and puking. All this would be a messy disaster. Respect what your body needs, don’t feel pressured to eat or drink anything that you are not comfortable with. Listen to your gut!

Reflect on Life & Enjoy Yourself

When you are on a vacation there are chances that you will visit beautiful vistas and inspiring nature. Take the moment to meditate and reflect upon life. It is believed by the yogis that if you meditate long enough, the universe will open up its secrets to you. Alongside all this, do not forget to have fun and enjoy yourself to the best. Laugh, dance, breath in the fresh air and get some sunshine.