February, the month of love, is knocking on our doors. It is the time when everything is red and mushy with a message of love in the air. I believe there is a romantic in all of us. Unfortunately, it goes into hiding when a responsible adult has to take over. Amidst balancing your career and responsibilities, your love life can take a backseat. Why not break that monotony and bring back the romance in your lives?

Traditionally, men are the ones who tend to take the reigns into their hands when it comes to love and romance. Women, on the other hand, like being pampered. How about changing sides this Valentine’s Day and throwing your men a little surprise? Here are a few ideas to show your love and spice things a little.


Breakfast in bed

Are your mornings mostly rushed with little or no time for breakfast? Make it a little different this Valentine’s Day and enjoy some quality breakfast time with your partner. You can prepare heart-shaped pancakes or cutlets, eggs, muffins, juice or just about anything that you can fix. Having breakfast in bed while snuggling with your partner will certainly give a good start to your day.


Send a surprise at work

Men appreciate surprises just as much as women love them. Send a box of chocolates or a bouquet to your partner’s office. If you are worried about making a spectacle of it, you may send your partner’s favorite lunch along with dessert to make his day. Your partner may be having a hectic day at work but a sweet gesture from you will surely bring a smile to his face.


Leave little notes around

Love notes are adorable and beyond cute. They can work like a charm when you want to impress someone or express how much you care. Since these are personal, you can even get naughty and flirty with the content. Leave the notes around the house, washroom and even in his car. Sneak one on his office laptop to earn brownie points.


Frame those memories

Memories are undoubtedly anyone’s best treasures. There must be hundreds of pictures hidden on your phone or laptop. Travel back in time with these pictures and dig out the most special ones. They could be from the time you were dating or from that special overseas trip. Now is a good time to retrieve and frame them for your partner’s desk.


Love Song picture

Is there a song that you associate with your love story? It could be the song playing in the background when you first met or exchanged your rings. It could also be the songs that you first sang to each other. Or it could be your favorite song that reminds you of your partner. Gifting a framed love song picture is a great way to surprise your Valentine.


Book a once in a lifetime experience

This could be the perfect gift if you are an adventurous couple. Book an opportunity to go scuba diving, bungee jumping or sailing. You can choose something that your partner has been dying to do for the longest time. If it is possible, you can plan a trip around this activity. Apart from a great rebonding time, this trip may also help you to get over a few fears.


Plan a picnic

I feel it is about time that picnics made a comeback. There is an old-world charm about them that makes picnics romantic. The best thing is that you can arrange one with little effort. You can pack some sandwiches or order food as you go. You can either go have it in your backyard, park or drive to the countryside. Make sure to switch off your phones to enjoy some quality time.