A sofa is the most essential piece of furniture in your house. No matter, the kind of home you live in or the taste that you have, a sofa is a must-have in the living room. It is also perhaps the most functional item in your house. Imagine what would you do if you had to entertain guests or had to make space for a sleepover without a couch? Difficult to imagine, right?

A sofa should not only be beautiful and classy but also extremely comfortable as you may spend hours sitting on it. Since it is considerably large, it will also become the focal point of your living room. Thus it is a good idea to consider several factors before you select a couch for your home. Besides, a good sofa may come at a steep price. You would want something that is of superior quality to make the most of your money.

Here are the aspects that you may consider before buying a sofa.


This must be your key priority when selecting a sofa. A sofa is a long-term investment and it may become difficult to live with an uncomfortable one. Select something that is neither too cushiony nor too hard. Try to look for a perfect balance so that it doesn’t give you a backache if you ever have to sleep on it. Secondly, the height also matters a lot while selecting a couch. Sit on the sofa and see that your feet are touching the ground while your back can comfortably rest against the backrest. Of course, try to include as many cushions as you can in the deal.


In my opinion, comfort and style should go hand in hand. There are so many different styles in the market that it may become difficult to choose. Select something that you will not get easily bored of. For instance, some people prefer solid colors while others would like prints like plaid or floral. While a printed sofa can certainly add a lot of character to your home, you need to be sure that you can live with it for a long time. As for the designs, there are several options like Chesterfield, Camelback or Tuxedo that you can select from. Try to imagine what would go best with your current design and layout to make the right decision.


Before you go shopping for your sofa, it may help to measure the space that you have in your house. Most sofas come in standard sizes. However, certain stores can custom-make your selected designs into the size that you would like. Depending upon the space you have, you can select a single three-seater or opt for additional smaller chairs. You can also consider a sectional sofa if space allows for it. Not only does it look regal but the lounger gives extra comfort. You can opt for a convertible sofa if you would like to use it as a bed for your guests.


As is the case with fashion, trends in interiors also keep changing. You may buy something thinking it is the latest thing in the market but before you know it, a new trend may replace it. For instance, velvet is everywhere currently. While there is nothing wrong with it, some people may not like the two tones that it leaves behind. Similarly, a leather sofa may not suit a humid and moist climate. Instead of giving in to the pressure of the latest fashion, go for something that you really like. Also, make sure that the fabric is comfortable to touch and is easier to clean.


The couch should be sturdy and strong and not buckle under the weight. Inquire about the wood that is used for making the structure. Even some good stores may use inferior quality woods. Check for hollowness on the backside of the sofa. Ensure that all the hand rests are well padded and the cushioning is uniform on all sides. Similarly, check for the stitching and ensure that it is done in a straight line. There should be no loose threads hanging out.

To sum it, think in advance what would look good in your living room and then step out for shopping.