The holiday season is already here, and the streets are emanating the warm, fuzzy energies of the festival season. An essential element of Christmas celebrations is the Christmas tree. Your festivities cannot begin until you bring a tree home. In fact, your decorations are incomplete without a Christmas tree.

Don’t worry if you have been wondering how to select the perfect tree for your home. Follow these easy tips to have the most beautiful Christmas celebrations with your family.


Select the right spot for the tree

Before you step out for tree shopping, it is recommended to choose the perfect place for the tree in your home. To ensure that the tree lasts a long time, think of a space that is away from a heat source. Secondly, ensure there is plenty of free space around the tree to avoid any accidents. For instance, do not place it near a wobbly table or leave any open cables on the floor. It will help to note down the width and height available so that you don’t end up with a tree that is too large for your space.


Decide the type of tree you want

Each Christmas tree species is slightly different than the other. The dissimilarity could arise due to the length of the needles or its fragrance. It may help to read up before you visit a tree farm. If you have kids in the house, it will help to select a tree that has softer needles. You may even go for a potted tree that you can use for landscaping after the celebrations are over.


Choose a fresh tree

To save yourself from buying a worn-out tree, look for a tree that is as fresh as a daisy. To be certain, check both the trunk and the needles. You can try bending the needles to see if they are breaking or not. A fresh tree’s needles do not break easily. Besides, you can try shaking a branch of the tree. If too many needles fall, consider it a sign of an old tree. Another trick to look for a tree that has an even green tone throughout. Signs of greys is an indication that the tree won’t last you a long time.


Pick the right stand

The life of your tree will also depend upon how you care for it. Select a steady stand that will keep your tree steady. Make sure that it can hold enough water so that you don’t have to fill it up too frequently. Cut the trunk of the tree a bit from the bottom so that it can absorb more moisture. Apart from water, you can even look for certain additives that can make your tree last a long time.


Plan a theme for the tree

Once you have brought home a tree and fixed it in a stand, you can start decorating it. To ensure that your decorations have a more consistent appeal, pick a theme that you like. There is a wide range of ideas like snowscape, rainbow, or a modern tree. The traditional colors include reds, greens, and gold. The modern versions have whites, silvers or even tones of dusky pink. Choosing a color will help in selecting your baubles when you go shopping.


Start with the lights

All professional decorators start with the lighting as it is difficult to manage after decorations. Start with the trunk and wrap it all the way up. To ensure that the lighting is consistent and there are no gaps, cover every branch of the tree. To avoid any disappointment, check your lights before you weave them. The final tip is to have as many lights as you can. After all, its Christmas.


Decorate your tree

You can start by hanging your baubles from the inside. To give an even theme, start with plain-colored baubles first and then go with the more expensive ones. You can also try making clusters to give your tree more balance. Ribbons, glass baubles, and tree-toppers should come at the last.


Involve your family

What is Christmas without family, right? Work with your family members to make fond memories. You can even get a smaller tree for your kids so that they can enjoy this yearly ritual to the fullest.