The holiday season is upon us, and soon you will be welcoming guests for Thanksgiving. Even if there are no concrete plans, there is always the chance of last-minute get-togethers that can bring guests to your home. Thus, it is best to prepare your home for the guests so that all of you can have a great time together. Otherwise, it can become a stressful situation and cause unpleasantness for everyone.

To avoid any last-minute panic, it is better to act in advance and spruce up your home for the guests. Here are a few easy tips to ensure your guests have a pleasant and enjoyable stay at your home.

Clean your house


An untidy or unkempt house can be a killjoy. Trust me, a clean and neat house can leave a lasting impression. You don’t have to deep-clean your house. Instead, spend a few extra minutes every day to wash the dirty dishes or clean that pile of clothes. It also makes sense to give extra attention to the guest room and if possible, vacuum it. If you have a baby at home, try to clean the mess as soon as it happens. It will save you a lot of time later.

Fix the bed


Your guests will appreciate your efforts if they come home to a well-made bed after a long journey. With very little work, you can make your guest room resemble a hotel room. Firstly, make sure that the linen is fresh and clean. In general, the bed should have a fitted sheet or a flat sheet, a blanket and a comforter. It is also a good idea to provide extra blankets and sheets for them to use. You can fold and put them under the bed. To add a twist, you can put a throw at the end of the bed. A throw is not only functional but can also enhance the look of your room.

Prepare the washroom


In my opinion, your guest room’s washroom can make a lot of difference in satisfying your guests. The best thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot or do a lot to make it appealing. With simple ideas, you can make it resemble a retreat. For instance, you can put a decorative basket and bowl with toiletries in the washroom. Make sure that you put everything right from shampoo, condition, body lotion, toothbrush floss, etc. in the basket. This kit will come handy in case your guests were to forget something.

Add entertainment


Although your guests will be spending most of their time with you, it is advisable to leave a few things for their entertainment. For instance, you can place a few magazines or books if they like to read. If they are traveling with kids, you can leave some toys, coloring books or craft supplies for them. Let them know in advance where they can plug their chargers. Last but most important is the wi-fi password. It may be a good time to check the password with your vendor if you seem to have lost it.

Decorate your house


If you are planning to redo your guest room, you can think of buying a few essential furniture items. A full-length mirror and a foldable luggage rack can make your guest room complete. However, it is alright even if you don’t have them. You can decorate the house in a few simple ways to wow your guests. For example, get their favorite flowers or throw a few candles around the house. You can even hang interesting or quirky wall-hangings to complete the look of your guest room. Another seasonal way to decorate is by using fruits. Leave a few apples on your kitchen countertop or on the dining table to make a statement.

Do not forget the kitchen


You don’t want your guests to depend on you for every little thing. To make their stay more comfortable, leave a few essentials on your coffee station in the kitchen. Get a tray and put together a few things for tea and coffee. Make sure that you leave a coffee mug so that they can fix their cuppa if you are not around.