Do you think your living room is the first place that your guests see in your house? Well, you may be in for a surprise. Your entryway is the first spot that welcomes your guests when come to visit you. While you may give a lot of focus to other parts of the house, you may ignore decorating your foyer. Don’t worry if you have a smaller entryway. Here is how you can furnish it and make it look bigger and inviting.


Add a mirror

The easiest and most convenient way to make any space look bigger is to add mirrors. You can either install one huge mirror or play with smaller ones to create an attractive corner. Apart from this, mirrors at the entryway are also functional as you can take a quick look before stepping out. Moreover, this is a trick that you can achieve on a budget. You can get several appealing options at your nearby store. The key is in selecting pieces that will blend with the overall scheme of your house.


Make the space functional

Are you always craving more storage space in your house? Well, you can add a chest or a console in your entryway to kill two birds with a stone. Firstly, it will give more character to your entryway. You can select a vintage finish or a modern finish if that is what appeals to you. Secondly, it will make the space more useful as you can use the furniture for storage purposes. You can decorate the top of the chest with an assortment of decor accents. Oh, and do not forget to add flowers and plants to breathe more life into your foyer.


Floating shelves

I feel we give very give little credit to floating shelves. In my opinion, it is perhaps the cheapest way to decorate your house. If you have a considerably small foyer, you can add a long floating shelf to give it a stylish spin. Use your creativity and use knick-knacks and impress your guests just as they enter your house.


Add a runner

If you do not want to spend too much, runners can be just the idea you need. Add a runner that covers the length of your foyer. It will make your room appear larger than it is. Make sure you extend it to the foot of your main door. The best part is that you can change the runners now and then to give a different look to your house. For instance, you can have different entryway arrangements as per the changing season to wow your guests. Moreover, such a change will make you feel good as you enter your home after a long tiring day.


Paint your foyer

One of the best ways to make your foyer stand out is by painting it in a striking color. You can experiment with bold hues like yellow and red to add more character to your entryway. Trust me, you won’t have to do much once you have painted your foyer in a striking color. It will stand out on its own. However, warm colors may not be the best choice if you have a smaller entryway. Instead, choose neutral colors like whites and beiges for the best effect. You can stencil paint the walls, or add a simple wallpaper with a neutral background to make it more interesting.


Add a bench

Placing a bench on your entryway can be more functional than you can imagine. Firstly, it will make your entrance warm and inviting. Secondly, you can sit on the bench, and wear your shoes before you step out. You can use it to place your handbags or other essentials that you like to carry when stepping outdoors. Opt for one of those openable benches to stuff your shoes inside and make it more useful.