The holiday season is here, and everyone is in a cheery mood. Isn’t this time of the year magical? Dazzling lights, lovely decorations, and friendly smiles spread incredible love and warmth around. However, did you know that this is also the time when Americans produce the most amount of garbage? Let’s think about our future generations this holiday season and try to make the earth a better place for them. Here are a few ways of going green and doing your little bit for saving the planet.


Make your wrapping paper

Christmas calls for adorable wrapping papers, specially designed to make the gifts more attractive. Did you know that the majority of wrapping paper cannot be reused or recycled? It is because of the processing it goes through. Wrapping papers have shiny finishes and colors that make them non-recyclable. You can avoid using them and use newspapers, old comics or magazines to wrap your gifts. Instead of ribbons, you can use your old scarfs, burlap or craft ropes. You can invite your friends and have a little gift-wrapping party. Another option is to skip wrapping your gifts altogether. You can use your old gift bags to put them in.


Use energy-saving lights

What is the festive season without lights? Right. Instead of conventional strings that consume heaps of energy, buy LEDs this holiday season. They consume significantly less energy and also emit less heat. If all of us opt for LEDs, we can save enough energy to light 200,000 homes. Moreover, you can reduce your energy bills by $50 if you choose to go this way. Besides, they will last you a long time.


Go green with your Christmas tree

There are many trees farms out there that do not use any pesticides or chemicals on the trees. You can opt for organic trees for a more responsible and sustainable choice. Every year thousands of trees end up in landfills. It is a shame that those gorgeous trees that spread the Christmas cheer have to end up this way. You can avoid this situation by thinking of an alternate use for the tree. Several cities run programs to convert these trees into mulch or wood chips. You can choose to give your tree for a worthy cause this way. However, the best option is to go for a potted tree. Once the celebrations are over, you can plant such trees in your yard or a community garden nearby.


Party responsibly

The holiday season is full of parties, and we all know the amount of trash that parties produce. You can reduce your waste by using recyclable plates, spoons, and cups. Also, remember to recycle your cans and bottles. Another place where you can make a difference is the food. Try to use organic fruits and vegetables for preparing your party food. It may cost a bit more, but it will leave you with a happy soul.


Gift wisely

Are all your gifts material things? You can certainly make a difference there. Try to handcraft some of your gifts. For instance, you can make soaps, body scrubs, candles, etc. to gift your friends and family. It will be a gesture that all the people will appreciate. Similarly, if you like giving cards, go for handmade and recyclable paper instead of those shiny, non-recyclable ones. You can also select gifts that promote a sustainable style of living. If the budget allows, the best gifts are the experiential ones. For instance, you can give tickets to a concert, game or a zoo. You can even gift hotel stays or sponsor a weekend getaway. Such meaningful gifts will give you a chance to spend more time with your near and dear ones.


Volunteer for an environmental cause

The holiday season is also the perfect time to give back to society. You can easily get a day off to volunteer with organizations that are always in need of more hands. You can help to clean a waterbody or participate in a plantation drive. You can also donate, but volunteering is always the best option.

These are a few simple ways of going green this holiday season. If you know of other ideas, do let us know in the comment section.