Confidence can be a huge determining factor when it comes to what we do, and how well we do it. It’s plain to see that when our confidence buckles and the crippling fears set in, we are at a less than the optimum position to perform a task. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just kidding themselves. Right on cue, however, we’ve come up with tips to help you ride the fear wave, and emerge from it more confident than you’ve ever imagined you could be!

Here are our six tips to kill the fear dead! Now, you can step forth confidently, and take on your world!

Acknowledge to conquer

As with any problem, the first step to overcoming it is to acknowledge that the said issue does indeed exist. This is an integral part of the process. So first, set up some free time to list out your fears, or even write them down if it helps. So many of our fears are so ingrained in us that we barely acknowledge them anymore. They become ‘normalized’ or part of our personality. Therefore, bringing them out into our everyday consciousness is crucial.

Fear sleuth

Once your fears are out in the open, the next thing to do is to recognize what each individual fear is, where it occurs when it occurs, and how you normally react to it. Spend plenty of time examining the root of the fear, and try to locate the reasons for each fear. Next up, it’s crucial to craft an action plan which fills you with more than enough confidence to make the fear cease – and this will empower you to seize the day.

Picture it

Now that your fears are out of their hiding places, it makes perfect sense to workshop your response to each of them. So, put yourself in a typical situation or place where the fear kicks in, and visualize yourself delivering each fear the kiss of death.

Think positive

Positive thinking can be the perfect springboard to help you rise above your fears triumphantly! So, when negative thoughts creep into your brainbox, make every effort to shut them out, and you’ll successfully kill the negative thought cycle in its tracks. This done with, go ahead and create a positive frame of mind for yourself – now, you’re in a position to recognize the fear or the problem, and can do something to combat it. Given that positive or negative thinking can be a habit that you take with you into every situation, we’re sure you’ll admit that positive thinking is much the better frame of mind to be lumbered with.

Fall down

‘Failure is a stepping stone to success’, we’ve heard it said, but it’s a shame that hardly any of us attach any importance to the trite refrain. As such, the fear of failure is so strong that we fail to do so many things, and this feeds our fears. Therefore, why not muster enough courage to ditch the fear and do something new today? If you fall down, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, learn from it, and you’ll feel more confident the next time. Heck, what’s the worst that could happen?

First amongst equals

Fear or a lack of confidence can set in when we constantly compare ourselves to everyone else. Furthermore, it’s fair to say that we often do ourselves a disservice when we do this. It’s important in times like these to think of everyone else as equals, as humans, as fellow inhabitants of the planet with the same faculties and attributes that you possess. Crucially also, recognize that everyone else is just a big ball of emotions, fears, troubles, inadequacies, and challenges – much like yourself. In the moment, thinking along these lines can dispel fears like Dracula faced with a cross!

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