Offices and professional life are one of the largest contributors to stress in everyday life. The current work culture makes it near impossible to make a healthy work-life balance with excessive pressure. Most offices now tend to exert excessive pressure on their employees creating an extremely stressful work environment.

It is now time to put mental health first, even in your professional life. Contrary to popular belief, poor mental health is a lot more common and causes much worse losses than most of us to expect or are aware of. The World Health Organization has shown that poor mental health causes a loss of $1 trillion in terms of productivity across the globe every year. Even a minimal investment of $1 in mental health and treatment of disorders can give productivity returns to the equivalent of $4.


Catch These Early Symptoms of Workplace Stress

  • Confusion concerning your feelings and emotions is the first stress of any kind of stress. If you think you’re not able to understand what you’re feeling, you are stressed.
  • If you’re having trouble balancing your professional life and personal life, that could be a sign. A healthy mind can actively balance the social, personal and work life. Watch out for any signs of a loss of balance.
  • Changes in your sleep or appetite are one of the biggest giveaways of stress and anxiety.

So here are a few simple tricks you can try to reduce stress at the workplace.

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Confide to a Friend, Family or a Colleague

The stigma of mental health is reducing every day. It is now easier and more accepted to talk about the stress or mental health problems one may be facing. So if you’re dealing with a lot of stress at your workplace, find someone to confide in. It seems redundant but talking about what’s stressing you can reduce the stress you feel significantly. Talking to them can become a small break from your work and give you relief from the stress you’re experiencing.


Mental Health Leave

All companies provide sick days. And here’s the important thing about these sick days: poor mental health is just as valid a reason to avail this sick leave. If you’re facing problems, don’t keep mum. It’s okay to claim that you need a break to heal yourself. Healing from anxiety and trauma is just as important as healing from a physical injury.


Set-up a Green Zone

Plants and naturally reduce stress and increase productivity significantly, a fact that has been proved by psychological studies. A lot of offices are advised to set up green zones in their office. Have a small room in your house with lots of plants, to take a short break in to refresh yourself. If your office doesn’t have a green zone as such or may not have the space to set up one, keep a few potted plants at your office, especially where you work.


Distinguish Between your Job Profile and your Self-Worth

One of the most important things you remember is that your job does not determine your self-worth. If you feel your work is of a lower level as compared to what you’re qualified for, it does not mean you are not good enough. Similarly, if you are confused about your job role and feel you are not performing well enough because you don’t possess a particular skill set, don’t let it change how you feel about your worth.


The most important thing to remember is that your work and professional life should not be a source of stress or anxiety. Dissatisfaction and anxiety at the workplace are one of the largest contributors to depression. Remember to protect your well-being and prioritize your mental health always. A healthy mind is key to professional success, remember that always.